‘American Idol’ Premiere Continues With Another Stellar Night

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American Idol returned last night with more auditions. Katy, Lionel, and Luke scoured the country looking for the next great singing talent. One thing that’s pretty clear about this latest incarnation of Idol is that the contestants skew very young. It seemed like most of them were between 15-17. What’s that about?

Mara Justine

Mara was very excited to be there. She met Ryan Seacrest and I thought she was going to have a stroke, (this was taped before his sexual assault allegations). Mara sang Rihanna’s Love on the Brain and wowed the judges and easily got a golden ticket.

William Cassanova

This guy is “smoove” according to Lionel Richie. No, I did not spell that wrong. He utterly charmed Katy who couldn’t even look at him she was so overwrought. With his sexy pipes and winning charm he, of course, went to Hollywood. Also he got to touch Katy’s feet. Weird.

Michelle Sussett

Finally, a Latina brought some spice to the show. Michelle sang (and danced) Selena’s Techno Cumbia and got Katy to dance too. Then Katy fell down and flashed everyone in the room. That’s why you wear underwear to the set, Katy. Michelle got through.

Misha Gontar

Young Misha is a Ukrainian rapper that delighted the judges. But this isn’t The Four and rap doesn’t fly here. Plus it was weird. He did not make it through.

Brandon Diaz

Brandon, like myself, is Cuban and he played that up big time. He also has really nice hair. Katy said he was the best singer they’d seen and he was damn good. Young Brandon made it through.

Trevor Holmes

Trevor is a good looking cat. Katy was all about him. Like, he didn’t even need to sing and he would have gotten in. Thankfully for us, the audience, he was talented.

Laine Hardy

Laine was my favorite of the night. I don’t know why. He was great and looks like a young Elvis. Maybe it’s because I’m from the Gulf Coast too and it stuck a chord with me.

Gabbii Jones

Young Gabbii made a deal with her dad that she had 30 days to make it. Well, she might make it after her audition with Arianna Grande’s Dangerous Woman. She made it through and was featured in a Macy’s commercial.

Cameron Theodos

Cameron and his hat wowed the judges with his infectious style. I don’t know how far he’ll go but he’s fun to watch.

Thaddeus Johnson

Thaddeus is no stranger to the American Idol stage. He was on season 9 and was cut. He was depressed for a while but dusted himself off, lost a ton of weight, and is back with his dulcet tones.

Rissa Watson

Rissa works in her family’s furniture store in Apache, OK but is going to Hollywood after her soulful rendition of Adele’s When We Were Young,  No easy feat. She’s got some serious pipes.

Garrett Jacobs

Garrett is a nice boy who loves his grandma and is a tall drink of water to boot. I think Katy is lonely because she was all over these boys.

David Francisco

Wow. This guy’s story is amazing and he’s nice, and handsome, and has a killer voice. He came back from being paralyzed to hitting the American Idol stage. Of course, he went through after making Katy get ugly crying face.

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