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‘The Voice’ Fans Think John Legend is a “Mediocre” Coach — Here’s Why

John Legend on 'The Voice' Top 9, Season 24Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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R&B and soul music superstar John Legend entered The Voice and sat on one of the show’s famous spinning chairs in season 16. He then became a recurring coach, competing against other coaches until Finale.

During Legend’s seasons on The Voice, he has managed to lead a variety of team members to the final round of the competition. Yet, amid his relatively successful time as a coach, fans believe he needs to do better, here’s why.

Some The Voice Fans Think John Legend Need to Rethink His Strategy

Legend earned his first win as coach back in his debut season on The Voice with Maelyn Jarmon. He continued to coach until season 22, took a break in season 23, and returned in season 24.

It pays noting that over the years that Legend’s been coach, he has faced little to no controversies. However, in season 24, fans spoke up about his seemingly lack of strategy to snatch another win on the show. On Reddit, a fan opined that the “All of Me” singer “doesn’t understand the game.” Interestingly, several people agreed on the post, commenting Legend’s alleged mistakes in decision-making during the latest season of the singing reality series.

“Niall and John had the strongest teams at the start, but clearly Niall is more in tune with the strategy of his picks whereas John seems to get attached to artists for various reasons and makes more fickle decisions in the moment,” a fan wrote.

“He isn’t making choices that will get a singer into the final two. More often than the not the singers on his team that could make it further into the competition get left behind,” another fan wrote.

Meanwhile, one user supposed that perhaps Legend was heavily making decisions “based on his own taste.” One person even described the musician’s deduction skills as “horrendous and questionable.”

Others Appreciate His Level Headedness

Fans may have been disappointed with how Legend handled the last season, but there are also people who maintained their faith in him. As per some, the “Tonight” singer’s calm personality is what sets him apart from other coaches. Furthermore, fans pointed out how Legend continues to support his artists even after the show has ended.

“John is very calming, seems to let artists thrive in their lane, but also is bold with song choices when he needs to be. Also, the after show connection seems to remain,” one user wrote.

“He notices everything, his commentary is interesting and sophisticated, and his song choices are great. John has a sense of humor but is not one of the comic relief coaches,” another person wrote.

Fans had long noticed and admired Legend’s composure on The Voice in spite of the show’s level of competition. Years back, fans already had good to say about the coach.

“He consistently is the one who is focused on the artist, and not so much on the judges back and forth. And I love him for it. I also feel like his pitches are more tailored and thoughtful, and I often find him to be the only one saying anything of value,” one user wrote on Reddit.

“He provides that much needed balance, a calm presence in the midst of all the yellers,” another person wrote.

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