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Fans Call Out Niall Horan For Revealing His Top 3 One Direction Songs

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The Voice coach Niall Horan is recalling some of the best songs One Direction has ever created. The former member of the boy band recently named his top three songs from their discography, triggering funny reactions from their fans.

Niall Horan Names His Top 3 Songs by One Direction

In a quick video interview with NBC’s Stay Tuned, Horan took the time to answer the simple yet interesting question. In no particular order, the singer mentioned “Story of My Life,” “Drag Me Down,” and “Night Changes” as his top three.

“Just got the singles, you can never go wrong,” he said.

OT5 Daily reposted the clip on X (formerly Twitter), getting numerous humorous reactions from One Direction’s followers. Upon watching the video, fans pointed out how Horan has chosen three of the band’s most popular songs, making it seem like he’s not well-versed enough about their entire music library.

“These are the answers ppl give when they’ve never listened to one direction in their lives and u ask them to name a 1d song lmao,” one person wrote.

“You didn’t listen to the albums, did ya?” another fan wrote.

“If literally anyone else said these three they’d be a fake fan. So it’s even funnier that it’s literally Niall picking the most popular songs,” one commented.

In the replies, several fans joking called him a “local.” According to the Urban Dictionary, a local is a “person who tries to keep up with the trends by overusing and misunderstanding popular things.” Horan, who was a member of One Direction himself, apparently named three of their most famous songs as his favorites.

Since One Direction disbanded in 2015, its members — Horan, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne — proceeded to forge music careers of their own. In 2016, Horan signed with Capitol Records. He subsequently released his first solo single “This Town,” followed by “Slow Hands,” and “Too Much to Ask.” This year, Horan dropped his third studio album, The Show.

He’s Aiming for a Winning Streak on The Voice

Aside from his thriving solo music career, Horan is also making a name as coach of reality singing competition show The Voice. In season 23, the singer successfully capped off his first season by winning the show alongside his team member Gina Miles. Now, in season 24, the “On The Loose” singer is eagle-eyed to repeat the same victory.

“I’m lucky,” he told People. “America haven’t let me down yet, so all night tonight I’m just going to be like, ‘Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote.’”

As The Voice heads into the Finale, Horan still has two remaining contestants to bet on, Maya Justine and Huntley. Before Nini Iris was sent home, Horan praised his top three, whom he said to be the most deserving ones to win the show.

“I think my three are the best in it and without even trying to be biased or anything… [they’re] technically gifted, diverse, eclectic. I really don’t think they deserve to go home. So I’ll be fighting. I’ll be fighting tonight. And if anyone wants to take me on, try it.”

The Voice‘s season 24 finale is set to air on NBC Dec. 19 at 9 p.m. ET.

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