John Legend Gets Back At Blake Shelton For Calling Hollywood ‘Disgusting Swamp’

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The Voice Season 20 premiered earlier this week, and Blake Shelton has a new approach for dissing his fellow coaches. The country star has been criticizing Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Nick Jonas for being too Hollywood.

When he tried the technique to win over contestants Aaron Konzelman and Ethan Lively, John Legend had the perfect comeback for Blake. Read on to find out what the coaches had to say.

Blake Shelton Says ‘The Voice’ Coaches Have ‘Gone Hollywood’

“I am the only coach who doesn’t live in Hollywood,” Blake Shelton told Aaron during Tuesday night’s show. “I don’t ever wanna lose sight of my roots.” When Kelly questioned Blake’s claim, he said, “All three of you have gone Hollywood.”

John had a great follow-up to that comment, telling Blake, “You came to Hollywood and started dating Gwen Stefani, the ultimate manifestation of ‘California Girl.'” Kelly called Gwen “the Queen of Orange County.”


Later, Blake tried the same thing with Ethan. He said Kelly didn’t turn around for his performance because of “the Hollywood thing.” John once again had a comeback for what he called Blake’s “consistent new line of attack.”

“I think you’re fearing that you’ve become too Hollywood, and so you’re projecting,” John said, while Kelly pointed at Blake and declared, “You’re Hollywood!”

Blake Calls Hollywood ‘Disgusting Swamp’

John didn’t let up on his ribbing of Blake, saying he should change the spelling of his name to Blaque. But still Blake persisted, telling Ethan, “Get out of this town as quick as you can, man. Don’t be like Kelly and forget your roots.”

Kelly said it was “ironic” that Blake Shelton was calling them too Hollywood, saying, “He is the most Hollywood.” But Blake didn’t let up, going on to refer to the “disgusting Hollywood swamp.”


“I don’t live in Hollywood. I live in Oklahoma,” Blake said. And although he and Gwen Stefani do spend a lot of time at his Oklahoma properties, they also purchased a home in Encino last year.

As hypocritical as Blake’s anti-Hollywood comments might seem, they were apparently pretty effective. Both Aaron and Ethan joined his team after hearing his pitch. We’ll have to wait and see if he continues taking this approach with future contestants.


Jill O'Rourke
Jill O'Rourke

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