The Voice: Blake Does Not Recognize His Former Bandmate Until…


Season 20 of The Voice kicked off with an exciting night of auditions and a reunion between Blake Shelton and a former bandmate. Pete Mroz sang Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home” for his Blind Audition. It took a few minutes before Blake finally realized the connection the pair have after working together in the past.

Blake Shelton’s Former Bandmate Pete Mroz Auditions For ‘The Voice’

John Legend was the first coach to turn his chair during Pete’s Blind Audition on The Voice. Blake turned his chair soon after and Pete pointed at him while singing. After the performance, Pete introduced himself to the coaches. “I think I’m the old guy here,” the 45-year-old said.

“You can’t be older than Blake,” John fired back. Still, Blake seemed a bit oblivious that he had any kind of connection to Pete. Pete promised that he would address Blake and their connection.


“Sounds like there’s some history there. That’s normally not a good thing with me,” Blake hilariously said. This led John to point out the fact that Pete pointed at Blake the moment he turned his chair.

Early on in Pete’s career, he wrote songs in Nashville under the name Pete Mitchell. Blake and Pete were in a group together called The Young Riders but the pair have not seen each other in 25 years. Being on The Voice is the perfect place for a reunion.

Did Pete Choose To Be On Blake’s Team?

Finally, Blake realized that he had a band with Pete in the past. “You stole my bass player,” Pete said to Blake. Blake and Pete further clarified that the “band” was a group of songwriters who each did their own thing.

“No, I gave your bass player a job” Blake fired back. John took this information and ran with it. He wanted to use Pete’s revenge for having his bass player stolen as fuel to join his team.

“Listen, obviously, we would have a blast if we got to work together again. No joke, I would love it,” Blake said in his pitch to get Pete on his team. It was no surprise when Pete chose Blake as a coach.

Pete has written and recorded five albums throughout his years of being a musician. Now, he’s ready for his time to shine as a country music veteran on The Voice. He posted a video on Instagram to say that he didn’t even realize John turned his chair at first. Pete was so laser-focused and in the zone that reality finally hit him once he saw Blake turned his chair.

“Talk about a full-circle moment @pete_mroz! I’m excited to be working with you again man!! #TeamBlake#TheVoice” Blake tweeted along with a picture of the pair from 25 years ago.


It is cool to see Pete and Blake having a reunion after all of these years and we are eager to see how they work together on The Voice.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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