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‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Kick Off With HILARIOUS Coach Gifts


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The Voice Season 20 premiered on Monday night with the first round of Blind Auditions. Coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Blake Shelton started filling up their teams.

This season, the coaches are giving their new artists some hilarious gifts to welcome them to their teams. Those included bobbleheads and original, improvised songs.

The night also featured plenty of amazing auditions, as well as a couple of blocks. The Voice coaches’ banter was out in full force. Blake Shelton might not have fiancée Gwen Stefani there this season, but he had plenty of back-and-forth with the other coaches.

Watch the night’s performances below, and find out which artists joined which teams for this season.

WATCH ‘The Voice’ Season 20 Premiere Blind Auditions


Kenzie Wheeler (Team Kelly)

This young singer showed off his mullet and said he loves singing with his mom in the car. For his audition, Kenzie sang “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Keith Whitley. Kelly Clarkson declared that she loved the song before turning around and blocking Blake Shelton. Kenzie ended up turning all four coaches’ chairs.

Blake said Kenzie has “the worst of all mullets.” Nick Jonas tried to get Kenzie to join his team by mentioning his younger age. Kelly pointed out that she’s won with two country singers. Kenzie ended up choosing Kelly as his coach. Kelly is once again giving out jackets to her team.


Dana Monique (Team Nick)

Dana sang “Freeway of Love” by Aretha Franklin. Nick was the first coach to turn around, followed by John Legend. She told the coaches that she was the headliner on a cruise ship. Dana is a single mom who struggled with homelessness after her divorce.


Kelly and Blake said they thought it was obvious that Dana would choose to join John’s team, so they didn’t bother turning. Dana and John bonded over their love of Chaka Khan. However, Dana ended up choosing to join Nick’s team instead. Nick gave her a “Nick’s Notes” notebook, which was lowered dramatically from the ceiling.


Cam Anthony (Team Blake)

This 19-year-old singer grew up in a violent neighborhood in Philadelphia, and he loved singing in church. His video went viral when he was 12, and he was invited to the White House by Barack Obama. For his audition, Cam sang “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith.

Nick, John, and Blake all turned around for Cam’s performance. However, Nick blocked John so Cam couldn’t join his team. John said he would steal him if he gets the chance later. Blake said he wouldn’t pick anyone else similar to Cam for his team. Cam chose Blake as his coach. Blake is giving out bobbleheads as his gift. They’re supposed to be him, but he said they look like Jonah Hill.


Christine Cain (Team Legend)

This singer was excited about Nick returning as a coach. Growing up, Christine put on shows for her family, but she was bullied in school. She said The Voice was her fourth performance ever. For her audition, she sang “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles.

John was the first coach to turn his chair for Christine, followed by Kelly. John complimented her “soulful” performance, while Kelly loved Christine’s “whole vibe.” Christine chose to join Team Legend. His gift for her was an improvised song on the keyboard.


Madison Curbelo

This 18-year-old singer suffers from a stutter, but things “come out smoothly” when she sings. For her audition, Madison performed “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

Unfortunately, she didn’t turn any chairs. Nick said he needed to hear “a bigger sense of urgency.” Blake said he could tell she was young, and added that she just needs more experience.


Pete Mroz (Team Blake)

This singer drives around in a van selling clothing. He started pursuing country music when he was 19, and currently plays in a blues band in Nashville. Pete performed “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith.


John was the first coach to turn around, followed by Blake. Pete revealed that he and Blake used to be in a group together, but haven’t seen each other in 25 years. Pete said Blake stole his bass player. Ultimately, he chose to join Blake’s team.


Devan Blake Jones (Team Nick)

This singer joined an afrobeat band 10 years ago and learned to sing in Swahili. Devan teared up talking about having his parents’ support. For his audition, Devan sang “Hard Place” by H.E.R.

Nick was the only coach to turn his chair, so Devan automatically joined his team. Nick said he was “phenomenal,” and criticized the other coaches for not turning around.


Raine Stern (Team Nick)

This singer performed “Electric Feel” by MGMT. She turned John, Blake, and Nick’s chairs. Raine said she’s “always been a black sheep.” She started going to blues clubs as a teenager, and plays multiple instruments.

Blake called Raine “a rare find.” John said she was “working the audience” without anyone being in the room. Kelly said she was a “fool” for not turning around. Raine ended up picking Nick as her coach.


Madison Marigold

This learned Chinese at a young age, and started incorporating the language in her original songs. She had the opportunity to open for Demi Lovato.

For her audition, Madison sang “If the World Was Ending” by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels. Unfortunately, none of the coaches turned their chairs for her. Blake said the song was “a lot to bite off” for an audition.


Corey Ward (Team Kelly)

This singer auditioned for Season 19 but didn’t get a chair turn. He practiced and returned to perform “Dancing on My Own” by Robyn. He shared that his mother has been battling cancer, and he was “humbled” that he got a second chance on the show.


John and Kelly turned their chairs almost immediately. Kelly called him a “passionate performer.” John said he could “feel it,” and Corey gave the song new meaning. Corey ended up choosing to join Kelly’s team.


Victor Solomon (Team Legend)

This singer has been stepping since he was in middle school. He attends the top public HBCU in the country. Victor grew up with a single mom working two jobs. For his audition, he sang “Glory” by Common and John Legend.

Victor’s audition turned John, Blake, and Nick’s chairs. John said he was the first artist to get him to turn with one of his own songs. Kelly thought it was hilarious that Blake didn’t recognize John’s song. John and Victor ended up singing a duet of “Ordinary People” together. Although Victor teased that he wanted to “shake things up,” he ended up joining Team Legend.

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