The Season 16 ‘AGT’ Contestants Who Have Competed on Other Talent Shows

Samantha Agate
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The auditions for Season 16 of AGT have been full of familiar faces for talent show fans. These acts have all auditioned for other talent shows before. They all still have one common goal to become a star on the biggest stage in the world.

1. Brooke Simpson

Brooke Simpson wowed the AGT judges with her Season 16 audition of “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo. She got her start on Season 13 of The Voice in 2017. Her Blind Audition ended in a four-chair turn. She chose to be on Team Miley. This proved to be the perfect pairing and Brooke soared all the way to finale night. Brooke landed in third place on The Voice and is hoping to go all the way on AGT.

2. Sethward

Sethward has competed in talent competition shows like iUmor RomaniaTú Sí Que Vales, and Das Supertalent. He performed his infamously cringy snake routine on Das Supertalent. Yes, the same routine where he “swallows” a person and traps them inside of his costume. After three previous failed AGT auditions, Sethward finally made it to the Judge Cuts this year.

3. Lea Kyle

Quick change artist Lea Kyle dazzled the France’s Got Talent judges in 2020 with her colorful routine. Her act goes far beyond just changing her clothes at lightning speed. She is also an illusionist and magician whose tricks will leave you mind blown. Her partner Florian Sainvet competed on Season 15 of AGT.

4. Roman Kricheli

Before he was squeezing his entire body into a tiny glass box on AGT Season 16, Roman Kricheli competed on Romania’s Got Talent. Roman performed the same exact routine on both shows and got the same reaction from the judges. It was a combination of being terrified and impressed at the same time.

5. Klek Entos

Klek Entos previously competed on France’s Got Talent twice. In 2018, he competed as his true identity, David Stone. In 2020, he took on the persona of Klek Entos, an anagram of his last name. During his AGT audition, he made a giant spider disappear. In the process of pulling off this trick, all of the judges were squirming at the thought of a spider going missing in the theater.

6. Les Beaux Frères

French duo Les Beaux Frères performed their towel routine on France’s Got Talent in 2014. They brought this same routine to the AGT stage this season. The judges got a kick out of their humor and voted them through to the next round of the competition.

7. Matt Johnson

Escape artist Matt Johnson first competed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 with an underwater escape act. He was eliminated in the Semi-Finals after another dangerous water act. Matt performed the same act on Tú Sí Que Vales that same year. Matt has conquered all areas of the talent show circuit, even competing on the short-lived show The World’s Best. On AGT this season, he narrowly escaped being sawed in half by a chainsaw.

8. Lea Hinz

Aerial hoop artist Lea Hinz competed on France’s Got Talent in 2017. Her flexibility and control while suspended in the air is just mesmerizing. Lea’s audition will air next week and she will definitely give all of the other high flying acts a run for their money.

9. Angela July

Harpist Angela July was a grand finalist on Asia’s Got Talent in 2015. This full-time mom and part-time magician lost out on the title to AGT star The Sacred Riana. Angela is hoping to find success on AGT Season 16 just as Riana did.

10. Chris Weaver

Much like Brooke, Chris Weaver joined Season 13 of The Voice as a member of Team Jennifer Hudson. He was eliminated during The Playoffs. Chris also performs under his drag persona Nedra Belle and put on a special performance with Jessie J at the finale. Chris announced in March that he auditioned for AGT.

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