French Magician Makes Objects Disappear In The Blink Of An Eye On ‘AGT’ [VIDEO]

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French magician Florian Sainvet came to ‘AGT’ to show off his magic skills and had a dream of having his own show. But before he could take his own show worldwide, he had to first impress the judges with his act. Watch his season 15 audition below that will have you gasping in shock.

Florian Sainvet Showed Off Lightning Fast Magic On ‘AGT’

Florian previously competed on France’s Got Talent and got third place, so fans of his had high hopes coming into his ‘AGT’ audition. And, he did not disappoint with his crazy fast magic act.

First, Florian took a CD out of a case and made it crumble into tiny pieces. He made another one appear quickly and proceeded to make it disappear. He then made two CDs appear at once and then they both turned into confetti. Then at an incredible speed, Florian made CD’s appear left and right which blew the judges and the audience’s minds. In the end, he worked with a bunch of jumbo CDs and ended his ‘AGT’ act by turning them into confetti.


“I’ve seen a lot of magic and I feel like the magic always repeats itself and this I have not seen before so I liked it” Heidi Klum said. “You’ve got great stage presence which I think is really important,” Simon Cowell said.

Florian is just one of the many incredible magicians that have taken the ‘AGT’ stage. Check out the compilation below with some other tremendous and memorable magic acts that really had the judges completely mind blown. These magicians are all versatile and always showed something new to the audience and judges.

The judges went on to give Florian four yes’s which sent him into the next round. Fans were looking forward to seeing Florian’s next performance on the show however they were disappointed when he was left out of Judge Cuts and did not make it to the live shows. This season was very unconventional and many acts were ghosted or not mentioned amid the pandemic.

Where Is He Now?

After going viral with his ‘AGT’ audition, Florian continues to post his magic tricks online including this one where he made a card turn into a piece of chewing gum. It will seriously blow your mind.

He recently bought his first home with his partner Léa Kyle who is a quick change artist. She also flexed some magic skills that Florian taught her in an Instagram video.

In September, Florian teased “Something really magic is coming…SOON.” He did post on his Instagram story a video of him in a small theater, so perhaps he will be taking his magic back to the stage soon.

Not to mention Florian has been keeping himself super in shape during the pandemic while the rest of us continue to eat all of our quarantine snacks.


What did you think of Florian’s ‘AGT’ audition?


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