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‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6 Reveals New Clues, Hints at Big Twist

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The Masked Singer set is supposed to be top secret, but some of us crave all the latest gossip behind the scenes. Luckily, one Twitter account has been spilling all of the tea about Season 6. Miss Masky’s recent tweet is about a few things overheard on set from Banana Split and Pepper.

New Clues About Pepper and Banana Split Are Revealed

“I’m a bit of a good girl, and Pepper brings out the naughty side in me,” Pepper said. “I have a little crush on the Bull.”

We do not yet know the identity of Bull but they could be an ’80s heartthrob or an athlete. In a video of Bull dancing backstage, they perform what looks to be a touchdown dance. The account also uploaded a video of Pepper dancing backstage with maracas. Whoever is under the mask knows how to dance. They also got super hyped up before going out on stage.

“I was surprised to learn that I don’t actually feel bad when the others get voted off,” Banana, of the Banana Split costume, said.

This pretty much confirms that Banana Split is not eliminated first. They obviously experienced the first elimination and got to see someone else go home. Banana Split might be a real contender in the competition this season. Another post revealed that Mallard has sung before but does not consider themselves a singer by trade. They previously had an album out.

Is There a New Trickster This Season?

Miss Masky, the social media handle sharing all of the secrets, is suspected to be a new trickster on The Masked Singer Season 6. Many fans believe Miss Masky will have a presence similar to Cluedle-Doo. He popped up all throughout Season 5 to reveal new secrets about the contestants. He was later revealed to be Jenny McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg.

Miss Masky is an animated character that resembles The Masked Singer logo. She teased in a video that we will find out her identity soon. All of the judges and Nick Cannon have filmed content for the Miss Masky profile, so the account is official. She is someone who has been allowed on set to gather content and get everyone hyped up for Season 6.

Over the course of a few videos, Miss Masky revealed that the Season 6 contestants have a total of 85 Grammy nominations with 27 Grammy wins, three Oscar nominations, six Broadway shows, and 12 Emmy nominations. This means that a majority of the group must be singers or have prior singing experience.

Miss Masky is most likely a celebrity that happens to be a superfan of the show. There is no official word if we will be getting a Miss Masky reveal this season or if this is a permanent backstage character for all future seasons. As we all ponder her identity, she also teased Baby’s connection to the White House and a Mother Nature costume that will be revealed soon.

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