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‘Alter Ego’s Grimes Carries Sword Made From Melted Down AR-15 at Met Gala

Grimes Met GalaJohn Shearer/WireImage

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The biggest event for the fashion industry, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Met Gala, occurred on September 12. Celebrities wore only the most fashionable looks to this one night event. Although some usual faces of the Gala might not have been in attendance at this year’s event, the celebrities that showed up all made statements with their looks.

Grimes is a singer, celebrity judge on Alter Ego, and is the partner of Elon Musk. Elon Musk owns SpaceX, but is mostly known for his role as a Product Architect of the car company, Tesla. This singer is known for rocking some pretty daring looks, so this event isn’t out of character for her at all.

Is this Look Out of Theme for the Event?


This year’s Met Gala had the theme of American Independence. Considering this topic is so large, there’s a lot of inspiration that could arise from it. Celebrities could’ve chosen anything from the founding fathers to making a political statement. Even though Grimes had a really cool outfit, it really didn’t seem to fit the year’s theme at all.

Fans hashed it out in the comments of Van Herpen’s Instagram post. They ultimately decided to agree on the fact that the sword was within theme forf the event. They thought that it’s very American of people to not even flinch when a white female brings a weapon to a large event.

“Her sword is made from a melted down ar-15, doesn’t get much more american than that,” said one fan in the comments.

Outside of the sword itself, fans think this could have to do with the movie Dune. An American, Frank Herbert wrote the book series Dune. Although Grimes doesn’t seem to have any ties to this book series or new film, she could’ve been trying to advertise for it in her look for The Met Gala.

On top of the criticism Grimes received in relation to theme, she also faced heavy criticism about the dress’s designer. The Met Gala had a strict theme of American Independence. Many fans are upset that Grimes chose to work with a Dutch designer for the event given the theme. Grimes was not the only celebrity that didn’t work with an American designer, so there’s not really a reason to throw hate at her.


Grimes’s Dune Inspiration For The Met Gala

She created this stunning look with Dutch fashion designer, Iris Van Herpen. Although Grimes’s outfit may feel out of this world, this designer regularly creates dresses in similar styles as this one.

“The ‘Bene Gesserit‘ look is inspired by a distant future and the Bene Gesserit cult and is made from silver liquid silicone that is hand-casted into a mirror finished laser-cut labyrinth,” Van Herpen wrote on Instagram. “From the intricate bodice, twenty-six meters of dramatically draped silk is intertwining through the mirrored waves, floating down organically to be hand pleated and gradient-dyed from white to black.”

Bene Gesserit is a group of pseudo-religious organization of all-women spies, nuns, scientists, and theologians in the book series and film Dune. Van Herpen shared that this dress will be up for auction in November. The proceeds will go to the Amazon Conservation Association and Rainforest Trust funds.

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