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‘The Masked Singer’ Introduces Take It Off Buzzer New Twist for Season 6


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When The Masked Singer returns for Season 6 later this month, the show will have a pretty big new twist. You might be watching some of the contestants get unmasked earlier than you’d expect. The new addition to the show, called the Take It Off Buzzer, will give the judges some extra power. But it also might lead to some humiliation.

‘The Masked Singer’ Introduces the Take It Off Buzzer

Entertainment Weekly reports that the Take It Off Buzzer will allow a judge to immediately unmask a contestant if they can correctly guess who they are. If they hit the buzzer and guess correctly, the contestant will have to reveal their identity and leave the competition.

However, there’s some risk involved for the judge. If they guess right, they earn two points toward the Golden Ear Trophy. But if they get it wrong, they lose two points and the contestant stays masked. The judge will also apparently have another penalty, which executive producer Craig Plestis describes as “humiliating.”

There’s also a limit to how many times the Take It Off Buzzer can be used. It can only be pressed once in Group A and once in Group B. This means that, unlike the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent, not every judge will have a chance to hit it.

“The whole idea to introduce this is just to add spontaneity. Our panel keeps saying, ‘I know who it is,’ but we wanted to put them to the test,” Plestis told EW about the new twist. “As long as that contestant’s on the stage, and [the panelist] thinks they know who that person is, they can hit that buzzer.”


Do the Judges Use the Buzzer in Season 6?

According to showrunner James Breen, the Take It Off Buzzer has proven to be “very dramatic on a couple of occasions,” adding that it took the judges “by surprise.” We can’t wait to see what that’s all about.

You might be wondering whether there will be a double elimination if one of the judges guesses correctly using the buzzer. Plestis was vague about it, telling EW, “Possibly. Yeah, anything can happen on The Masked Singer. There’s no rules.”

The Masked Singer Season 6 premieres on FOX over two nights starting September 22 at 8 p.m. Judges Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong, Nichole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke will all be returning to the panel. Do you think any of them will succeed with the new buzzer? Let us know in the comments.

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