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Sneak Peek! ‘The Masked Singer’ and ‘Alter Ego’ Reveal First 10 Clues


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Fox is getting us hyped for Season 6 of The Masked Singer and the world premiere of new singing competition show Alter Ego. Tonight, in a special sneak peek, hosts Nick Cannon and Rocsi Diaz revealed the first ten secrets of the seasons in a quick-moving special event. Trust me, if you blinked, you missed a major clue ahead of these season premieres.

Alter Ego is the new show looking to find the very first digital superstar through an Alter Ego performing in real time. The performers sing behind the scenes as their digital avatar performs on-stage.

The 10 (And Then Some) Clues Revealed During the Special Sneak Peek

10. Big Clues For New The Masked Singer Performers Revealed

Baby is the biggest costume ever and also the first human costume. The Baby says they “never claimed to be classy, especially when I get gassy.”

In another record, the longest costume ever is the Caterpillar “you might not know who I am yet, but I could say a Taylor would.” They noted that Taylor Swift especially would know who they are.

More notable clues include the Hamster’s connection to a whistle; the Skunk was paired with Elvis; the Mallard was shown alongside a picture of a red rotary phone; and the bull featured a tiger and lion, giving me major Tiger King hopes.

Adding to the clues was a compass for the Cupcake; dice for the Banana Split duo; a horse for the Queen of Hearts; a bouquet of red roses for the Jester; cookies and milk for the Octopus; a criss-cross of band-aids for the Beach Ball; and hawks for the Dalmatian. Those hawks have only added to speculation that this Dalmatian is definitely a pro football player.

9. Secret Backstage Tour of Alter Ego

Behind the scenes of Alter Ego, two dozen technical wizards work across hundred of screens for motion capture work. Will.i.Am said the backstage area held “NASA-type servers.” Each contestant wears body sensors that allow the Alter Egos on stage to do the same motions as the person backstage. The Alter Egos can even cry and add special effects to the performance on-cue, adding awesome visuals and a sense of drama.

8. Double Double Double Premiere

The Season premiere of The Masked Singer will be double, double, and double. Not only will it be a double, two-night premiere, two celebrities will be revealed! Then, Thursday’s episode will feature two wildcard performers to mix things up in an already action-packed week.

7. The Contestants Design Their Own Alter Egos

In what looks literally like The Sims, the Alter Ego contestants design their own avatars. From hair color to wardrobe, skin color to special effects, “the possibilities are endless.” The goal is to create digital Alter Egos that make the behind-the-scenes singers feel as empowered as possible.

6. Spicy Pepper Costume Reveal

Spicy pepper, “will her voice ring a bell?” A spark photo was shown to help us guess her identity. She also said she hopes she’ll make us tear up, with her voice of course.

5. Ten of the 20 Alter Egos Revealed

During the two-night premiere of Alter Egos, the first half of the contestants will perform. Of the twenty contestants, we will meet the first ten when they perform as their digital Alter Egos.

4. The Alter Ego Judges Know Nothing

The audience gets to see the humans behind the Alter Egos, but the judges definitely do not. They get to hear the voices and see the emotions behind the performances, but they never get to see the performers–their human appearance is a total surprise to allow the vocals and passion to speak for themselves.

3. The Queen of Hearts Performs

In a special preview, The Queen of Hearts performs “La Vie En Rose.” The Queen belts the French song in a deep, soulful voice that perfectly matches her deep red heart costume.

2. The Alter Ego Grand Prize

The final Alter Ego standing will win $100,000 and the mentorship of the full judging panel. In a tactic similar to The Voice, the best part of the prize for the winner of this show is the connection and work they get to do with the judges after they win. With four amazing musicians on the panel, that prize is pretty priceless.

1. The Biggest Twist in Masked History: The Take it Off Buzzer

The Take if Off Buzzer allows the panelist to guess the identity of a character. If they’re right, the contestant must unmask and head home. If the judges are wrong, “well let’s just say they don’t want to be wrong.” This new twist is sure to add yet another level of drama as the stakes are raised. Will this new buzzer encourage the contestants to mask their true voices? Only time will tell.

The Masked Singer, Alter Ego Premieres September 22 and 23

The Masked Singer’s double premiere is next Wednesday and Thursday at 8 p.m. ET followed directly by Alter Ego at 9 p.m. both days. If the special sneak peek is any indication, these two premieres will leave you dizzy with action and fun. You won’t want to miss it.

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