American Idol

Talent Recap Show 23: ‘American Idol’ Auditions Continue, Sibling Rivalry, And Katy Perry’s Puppy Party

In this exciting episode of our show, Mel and I discuss what happened this week on American Idol. It was week two of the reboot of the classic talent show, and though the ratings weren’t spectacular, we certainly enjoyed the show. Katy Perry did a lot of Katy Perrying, Lionel Richie was cool, and Luke Bryan smiled a lot. There were also some great singers…and some not so great ones.

Maybe we’re beating a dead horse, but we wondered what Simon Cowell would have done with some of the more…er…not-so-good singers. Probably nothing they would have enjoyed. We still feel that even though there were some good singers, in general it’s been less than stellar. Still, there were some really entertaining moments, particularly when the show made two sisters, Taryn Coccia and Payton Taylor, compete against each other. That was drama.

Then we talk about the puppy party that the show threw Katy Perry for her birthday. There were puppies, hence why it was a puppy party, and then her dog nugget popped out of a cake with the help of some hapless PA. Weird.