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Sofia Vergara’s Eating Photos Will Make You Love Her Even More

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As if we didn’t already love Sofia Vergara, the Colombian beauty has always been open about her love of snacks. The paparazzi has caught her so many times eating on the go, she even joked about it on The Ellen Degeneres Show. How is it possible for someone to look so glamorous at all times?

Vergara is a foodie, but has admitted that she does not like to cook. Her son, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, is actually the one who cooks and Sofia and Manolo “bond by eating.” But when Sofia isn’t eating home-cooked meals, she likes to go out to eat and snack along the way. This has led to some hilariously relatable photo-ops and on-camera moments.

‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Sofia Vergara is the Queen of Eating With Style

1. Sofia Shares Eating Technique That Makeup Artists Love

In June, Vergara appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about how paparazzi always catches her eating. She has long been sharing the photos on her Instagram account.

“I didn’t know I had a problem until people started posting pictures from the paparazzi of me eating,” she joked. “And then I started to realize, like, ‘What is wrong with me?'”

Vergara spoke about how long hours being bored on set led her to develop a love for snacking. Her makeup artist appreciates her technique to keep her makeup from getting smudged while eating.

“You open the mouth really wide and you don’t mess up your lipstick,” Vergara said. “So I know how to eat and it doesn’t mess up the lipstick.”


2. Paparazzi Always Catches Her Snacking

Sofia has put that eating technique to use while on set for some of her biggest roles. She shared a photoset on Instagram taking a break to eat some of her favorite foods. In one photo, she enjoys a bag of cotton candy. In another photo she has a slice of cake.

3. The ‘AGT’ Judge Chowed Down on a Sandwich at the Emmy’s

At the Emmy Awards in 2016, the cast of Stranger Things handed out hand peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the audience. Sofia opened hers up to eat it right away and was caught on camera. She looked beautiful in a white one-shoulder gown.


4. She Doesn’t Discriminate Against Snacks

Sofia confessed in an Instagram caption that she has never met a snack that she didn’t like. In the photo, she smiles as she eats a strawberry with cream on it. You guessed it, she is using the wide mouth technique.

5. Sometimes the Food Just Hits Different

Have you ever eaten something so good that it causes you to make a funny face? That was the case when Sofia was caught snacking in New York. It is not clear what exactly she was eating, but she has spoken about her love for hot dogs in the past. What are the chances she stopped by a NYC hot dog vendor on the way to her destination?

6. Sofia Originated Food Selfies

Sofia should go down in history books for inventing food selfies. She has always been one to pose with her food whether it’s a delicious pizza pie in Rome, or a sandwich in the comfort of her own home. The 49-year-old once posed with the biggest cannoli the world has ever seen!


7. Breadsticks Galore

One thing Sofia missed the most at the height of the pandemic was award shows. She posted a throwback photo from the Golden Globes in 2020. She held an entire basket of breadsticks at the event where guests were served a plant-based meal.


8. Heidi Klum Has Become Sofia’s Snack Buddy

Sofia has continued her snacking on the AGT set. She often posts behind-the-scenes photos sharing food with fellow judge Heidi Klum. Sofia hand-fed Heidi as they prepared to film an episode in March.


9. She Was Caught Snacking at the Judges’ Table

Eating yummy food isn’t just reserved for backstage. Sofia and Klum brought “snack time” to the AGT judges table. Sofia filled her mouth with popcorn in the video and dropped some of it in the process.


10. She Munched on Cupcakes Backstage At ‘AGT’

Before the very first live results show of Season 16, Sofia enjoyed some cupcakes backstage. The photo was posted 10 minutes before AGT started. On March 28 during filming, Klum and Sofia also had cupcakes backstage. Cupcakes seem to be popular on set.

Instagram.com/SofiaVergara Instagram.com/SofiaVergara

11. Her Dog Is a Foodie Too

Sofia’s dog Bubbles takes after her. Bubbles enjoyed a pink birthday cake on July 9. Sofia posted a side-by-side photo of her also ready to dive in to one of her cakes in the past.

12. The Famous Emmy’s Popcorn Moment

When Jon Hamm won an Emmy for Mad Men in 2015, the crowd was going wild. As the camera panned to Hamm, Sofia could be seen in the background eating popcorn. This moment went viral on social media. Sofia looked completely unfazed as she finished the delicious treat.

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