Sinitta Tells Cheryl “Stay In Your Lane” Over ‘The X Factor UK’ Gig

Jack Tomas | Talent Recap

Oh, Sinitta. You are always memorable. She’s basically a walking sound bite. A walking sound bite that sometimes only wears leaves to cover up her hoo-ha bits. Ms. Sinitta, (if you’re nasty), is none to pleased with the announcement yesterday that Cheryl will be joining Simon Cowell at the Judge’s house in France on The X Factor UK…which used to be Sinitta’s job. Not pleased at all.

Sinitta told The Sun that,

“You can’t look like that, have hair like that, have Liam [Payne], have the perfect baby, the perfect body, the perfect face, be a pop star, be drop-dead gorgeous and take Judges’ House. She needs to stay in her lane a little bit. I love you, Chez, but don’t even go there – not that I’m bothered. I thought I was coming back, but now I’ve heard Cheryl is coming back. Simon has been a bit quiet – on text messages and WhatsApp. Well let’s put it this way – has Cheryl ever done Simon’s judges’ houses? Would it be appropriate? Would she wear leaves? It’s like I’m defending my job. Not that my face doesn’t look better. I’m behind them 100 per cent. But Cheryl doing judges’ houses – that’s a little below the belt.”

For someone who keeps saying that she’s behind the show and is trying to come off as not being defensive, Sinitta sure is, you know, being defensive. Don’t hate the playa, girl. Hate the game.



Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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