The Voice USA

‘The Voice’ Judges Play The Emoji Game

The judges for the upcoming season of The Voice played a little game in which they tried to sum up the complexities of human emotion and thought through emojis. After all, isn’t all of language just going to morph into a series of emojis by the end of the century anyway?

One thing that a singer has to be able to do is communicate well. Whether it be through their music, their lyrics, or their stage persona. But sometimes words don’t suffice to truly sum up what you want to say. That’s why God created emojis so that we can always find the right little picture to tell people how we truly feel. Whether it’s the hopefulness of prayer hands or the straight forward coiled piece of poop, there’s always an icon for any interaction. The show thought they would ask the four judges some basic questions and they had to answer in emoji.

There was even an Emoji Movie that came out recently. It has one of the lowest ratings ever on Well, yeah, of course it would. Luckily, The Voice is much more entertaining.