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Simon Cowell Makes his First Podcast Appearance at ‘Howie Mandel Does Stuff’

Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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America’s Got Talent judge, Simon Cowell makes his first podcast appearance ever on Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast. As someone who has never been on a podcast before, Cowell did very well as a guest on the podcast. You definitely want to tune into this one to hear how Cowell became the talent show mogul he is today.

How Simon Cowell Got His Start in The Entertainment Industry

After asking how the podcast works, Howie Mandel and his daughter Jackelyn Shultz kindly obliged their guest on how it usually goes. The talent show mogul then began explaining how he broke into the entertainment industry.

Ahead of being the talent show judge everyone loves and knows, Cowell had a variety of different jobs, from real estate to getting a job at EMI Music. Eventually, he started his own record label and signed Sinitta as his first artist, who he was also dating at the time.


Cowell’s first hit while working with the artist came after a year and a half with Sinitta’s “So Macho.” The record peaked at No. 2 on the UK singles charts and sold a million copies. Signifying the actual start of his career with the hit, Cowell then looked for a major label company that signed him.

Settling his debts along the way by selling his Porsche and house then returning to his parents place afterwards. In the pursuit to sell more records, Cowell signed multiple recording artists like Power Rangers and other movie actors. Cowell went on to sign even the World Wrestling Federation. According to Cowell, he gained multiple records that sold millions of copies giving him the recognition he wanted.

The Beginning of America’s Got Talent

Mandel then brought up the start of the Got Talent brand and how it was a failure at the beginning. Apparently, the show (filmed in England) was originally a disaster according to Cowell. Even after multiple editing sessions, the final product came out as unwatchable, and the network denied it to air.

Cowell got an unexpected call from NBC saying that they liked the show and they eventually bought it off him. Mandel then went on to say that AGT became one of the most successful talent show competitions in the world.

The podcast ends with Cowell and Mandel remembering an act involving a flaming arrow that went wrong on the show. They ended up laughing it off as the music did not fit the event that happened.

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