AGT: 7 Death-Defying Acts That Went so Horribly WRONG There Could Have Been A Fatality [VIDEO]

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Sometimes, AGT acts go wrong. And we’re not talking about a singer forgetting their lyrics or a magician picking the wrong card. We’re talking about dangerous stunts that could potentially kill the people involved.

Check out some of the tensest examples of death-defying acts gone wrong below, and don’t try any of them at home.

‘AGT’ Acts That Went Horribly Wrong

Ben Blaque, ‘AGT: Champions’

This crossbow performer had an act go wrong on Britain’s Got Talent, and decided to try it again on AGT: The Champions this year. He had Alesha Dixon pull random levers to shoot arrows at him. After several technical difficulties, the other judges ordered Ben and Alesha to stop out of fear he could be seriously hurt. Simon Cowell said he believed the show could have had its “first death” if Ben continued.


Ryan & AmberLynn, ‘AGT’ Season 11

This couple had their danger act go very wrong in Season 11. Ryan put a metal rod down his throat that was connected to a target. AmberLynn shot a flaming arrow at him with a crossbow, but instead of hitting the target, she hit Ryan in the neck. The couple returned for Champions last year and performed the same trick. Thankfully, they were successful.

Demian Aditya, ‘AGT’ Season 12

In Season 12, this escape artist attempted a trick called “the death drop.” He was suspended in a wooden box over flaming spikes, and had to escape before the box dropped. The judges were confused as the performance stalled, and the box didn’t fall like it was supposed to. Demian appeared behind the judges with a fire extinguisher, but they didn’t seem impressed.

Duo Transcend, ‘AGT’ Season 13

This acrobatic couple wowed the judges with their death-defying moves in Season 13. But something went wrong when the couple was blindfolded during one performance. Tyce was supposed to catch Mary as she dropped, but she slipped out of his hand and fell to the stage. Thankfully, there was a mat there, and she was okay. The couple made it to the finals and are competing this season on Champions.

Deadly Games, ‘AGT’ Season 11

This knife-throwing couple from Season 11 had an accident during rehearsals for one of their performances. Anna was spinning on a wheel while Alfredo threw knives at her. The wheel collapsed and almost crushed Anna. They went on with the performance anyway, and it was successful. They later returned for Champions and received the Golden Buzzer.


Fratelli Rossi, ‘AGT’ Season 13

These brothers showed off their acrobatic act on AGT Season 13. One of the brothers explained that he had torn his ACL and had to have surgery after falling during a performance. During their audition, he fell again, missing the mat and leaving the judges shocked. This time, he was apparently uninjured, and the judges voted to send them through.

Uzeyer Novruzov, ‘AGT: Champions’

This acrobat’s Chaplin-esque ladder stunt went horribly wrong in Season 10. During his semifinals performance, Uzeyer fell from the top of the ladder while attempting a trick. He was thankfully uninjured and went on to compete in the finals. He returned last year for AGT: The Champions.


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