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Remembering Nick Cannon’s Best Moments on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Nick Cannon on the 'America's Got Talent' season 11 Live ShowsPhoto by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Nick Cannon was the host of America’s Got Talent for eight total seasons. During his time as the host of the show, we’ve seen some fun and entertaining moments by the popular TV personality. These are the best and most memorable moments he’s had on AGT.

1. Nick Cannon Kicks Contestant Bellow the Belt

Grand Master Qi Feilong showcased his kung fu and energy manipulation skills during his AGT season nine audition. Together with a timid translator, they asked for the assistance of the show’s host for the final part of the act. Cannon then proceeded to kick the contestant on his crotch upon his instructions. The act that is apparently supposed to showcase Feilong’s durability became hilarious and comedic thanks to the host.

2. He Becomes a Part of the Act

When vaudeville duo act Kamikaze Fireflies auditioned on AGT season nine, they asked for Cannon’s kind assistance. The host kindly obliged and he was then used as a stepping platform for the contestant, Rob Williams. As the duo juggled their flaming batons, Cannon did his best to balance Williams, effectively making him a part of the act.

3. He Pulls a Mime Prank on the Judges

Showing his love for fun and friendly pranks, Cannon disguised as Larry the Mime who “auditioned,” on AGT season nine. What proceeded on his fake audition was a less than stellar mime act to which all four judges buzzed and gave their “no,” votes. Larry the Mime then proceeded to rant and mock the judges for critiquing his performance before giving the big reveal.

4. Nick Cannon Tries Pole Dancing

After a pole dancing act ended during season six of AGT, Cannon was seemingly tempted to try his hand at pole dancing. Although he did not have the necessary skills to pass as a decent dancer, his act was hilarious nonetheless.

5. He Sings With the Contestants

Cannon is not exactly known for his vocal prowess and does not normally sing during his appearances on TV. On this rare occasion though, Cannon was motivated by the contestants’ energy and sang “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper together with them.

6. The Host Shares a Kiss With an Audience Member

Joanna Kennedy is an intimacy expert who auditioned on season 10 of AGT, and her audition plans to teach Cannon the proper way to kiss. After Howard Stern picks a volunteer from the audience, Cannon comedically inched closer to “helping,” Kennedy on her audition.

7. Contestants Make Music Using Nick’s Body

Tummy Talk is not an ordinary musical act as they make music by slapping the heaviest member’s body producing a continuous beat. The host then volunteered to have the act tried on his body, and what resulted was an incredibly funny segment.

8. He Grinded Next to a Poetry Act

A contestant on the show auditioned her poetry act through intimate words prompted the host to grind next to her. Nick’s actions to “add visuals,” to the act only helped the contestant to walk off the stage faster than intended.

9. He Pole Dances Again

Cannon seemingly enjoys the act of pole dancing as he did it once again, this time together with an overweight contestant. Stern thoroughly laughed at the couple’s pole dancing act and proceeded to give tips to the “dancers.”

10. Nick Cannon Becomes a Part of a Girl Group

Singing duo act Gem City Jewels got buzzed by all four judges, Cannon revealed how much he liked their performance. He then performed together with the duo as they sang and danced their way off the stage in classic fashion.

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