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‘AGT’ Alum Sofie Dossi Celebrates 100K Monthly Listeners on Spotify

Sofie Dossi at the "Stargirl" premierePhoto by Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

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Contortionist turned social media personality Sofie Dossi achieves a new milestone as she pursues a successful music career. The America’s Got Talent alum celebrates getting 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Sofie Dossi Achieves 100,000 Monthly Listeners on Spotify

The self-dubbed “bendy girl,” is currently proud of her work on music after gaining the recent career milestone. Apart from having the talent to bend her body in unbelievable ways, Dossi also has a passion for making music based on personal experiences.

In her quest to add music to her already spectacular career, she managed to gain an impressive following in the process. Her fans are steadily growing, showing support and excitement for her plans to combine contortionism with music. She expressed her outright joy with her recent achievement, and gaining newfound motivation as well.

“I am happy, I have great people around me. I just like to keep my relationship statuses and all that stuff offline. But yeah, I’m very happy.” Dossi said.

Her singles are a hit with the fans, going viral when Dossi dropped them. Dossi being homeschooled at a young age and mostly raised on classical music has turned the multi talented girl into a budding superstar.

Her Singles Went Viral on YouTube

Dossi’s two singles “Bunny,” and “Fire Alarm,” have gone viral on YouTube for a number of reasons. Songs laced with drama and personal experiences are a big hit with the media these days. The songs Dossi released hold personal meaning to the singer, and fans are interested in every part of it.

The main driving factor of the songs are heartbreaks she experienced in the past starting with her debut single “Bunny.” The single is inspire by a guy she met during a house visit with her friends whom she fell in love with. The music video of the song currently has 2.7 million views and counting, the multitude of her fanbase certainly loved her vocals on the song.

“It’s basically about a heartbreak I went through that really hurt me. The song basically explains all the emotions I went through.” Dossi said.

Speaking of heartbreak, her most recent single “Fire Alarm,” became her most honest and vulnerable song. The single that is about her boyfriend cheating on her, outdoes her previous one in terms of emotions and overall feel. The music video that accompanies the song has gained almost five million views.

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