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Painful ‘Go-Big Show’ Act Totally Horrifies the Judges


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Go-Big Show Season 2 continued on Thursday night with even more extreme acts. One of those acts had the judges getting up out of their seats to walk off their shock and horror. The contestant’s name was Horse, and you might want to brace yourself for his routine.

‘Go-Big Show’ Contestant Horse Gets Hit in the Crotch

Before his act, Horse shared that if he’s not in pain during his act, he’s not doing it right. The judges weren’t quite sure what to expect from his routine, especially when he took his pants off to reveal a pair of white tighty-whities. As it turns out, his entire talent is getting hit in the crotch.

It started off when one of his assistants jumped down onto a seesaw, hitting him between the legs with a plank of wood. Next up, he got hit between the legs with ropes. But the most cringeworthy moment came when his assistant jumped on his crotch with a pogo stick.

The judges were totally horrified by Horse’s painful-looking stunts. “I was not expecting that!” Jennifer Nettles shouted, while T-Pain actually got out of his seat and briefly walked away. He ended up hiding behind his chair for the rest of the performance.


Did Horse Make It to the Semifinals?

The judges wondered if Horse was wearing a cup, to which he replied, “Cups are for cheaters.” Just to make sure he was telling the truth, judge Cody Rhodes stepped on stage and actually kicked Horse in the crotch, confirming that he wasn’t protected.

Horse was up against a musical juggler named Charles Peachock who flattered T-Pain with a piano performance of “All I Do Is Win” using juggling balls instead of fingers. Charles ended up with a score of 82, which was beaten by Horse with a score of 88.

Horse will be going to the Semifinals. He fared much better than a similar act from earlier in the season. Bazoo the Kloun lifted a weight with his testicles, and he only earned a score of 57. It seems the judges are picky about these types of acts.

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