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Nikki, Brie Garcia Reveal They Used to Hit on Guys Using Each Other’s Identities

Nikki and Brie Garcia on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show'The Jennifer Hudson Show

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WWE tag team Nikki Garcia and Brie Garcia surely know how to use their being identical twins to their advantage. The two recently revealed that they used to swap each other’s identities in school and even when dating guys.

Brie Bella Once Pretended to be Nikki Bella While Hitting on a Guy

Since they appeared on television, Nikki and Brie have proven that they’re one of the pairs to beat when it comes to sibling romance. In their recent appearance in The Jennifer Hudson Show, the two took the time to share some of the interesting quirks in the past – things that only twins can do.

Apparently, back when they were younger, somebody tried to hit on Brie, who was dating someone at the time. Unable to resist the temptation though, Brie narrated that she still gave in to the guy but implicated Nikki along the process.

“In my head, I was like, ‘I can’t let this guy go’ even though I’m dating someone. So, I’m just gonna be Nikki for a second,” she said. “I pretended I was her, gave him my number, and then went back to the dorm. I was like, ‘you have to go on a date with this guy.'”

Nikki, being the supportive and game twin that she is, agreed with Brie’s suggestion. She nonetheless decided to tell the real story to the guy, who was expectedly “weirded out” afterwards.

“There was never a second date,” Nikki said. “And I was like, ‘let’s not do that again.'”

The twins also revealed that they used to save each other during classes back in college, pretending one is one to not be recorded as absent. They also shared that they once “tested for each other” during an exam.

They Played “Who’s Most Likely To” Challenge

During the same episode, Nikki and Brie took the time to play Double Trouble. Choosing which twin apologizes first after a fight, Nikki and Bella decided to vote for themselves.

“You’re the most stubborn person in the world,” Nikki said.

“Or maybe because you’re the one who should always be apologizing,” Brie responded.

The two also revealed that Brie is the one who’s “more likely to steal one’s clothes without telling them.” Nikki, on the other hand, was exposed to be the one who takes longer to respond to text messages.

“I tell Brie that ‘now that I’m a mom,’ and she thinks I always use that as an excuse,” Nikki said. “I’m just so tired, and then my phone will be blowing up and I’m like, ‘I just can’t do this right now.’”

Brie Bella and Nikki Bella share a podcast together, formerly known as The Bellas Podcast. Since the twins’ stage name change, the show has been renamed to The Nikki and Bella Show.

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