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Niall Horan Sheds Light About Fans’ Siren Sound Comments on His Single ‘Heaven’

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Over a month after the release of his single “Heaven,” Niall Horan’s fans are wondering if he inserted a siren sound in the song. The Voice coach has recently addressed this on TikTok, asking one in his production team for explanation.

Niall Horan Answers Fan’s Question About ‘Heaven’

In between streaming Horan’s latest single, fans noticed a distinct sound in some parts of “Heaven.” One fan particularly made such confusion a TikTok content, surprisingly getting noticed by Horan himself.

“My fiancé can hear a siren in parts of heaven and it’s driving insane coz I can’t hear it so he’s decided to take matters into his own hands and dm Niall himself – Niall if you see this please respond,” the text reads.

The Voice coach then took the time to stitch the clip and respond to the fan. Acknowledging the concern, Horan tapped the co-producer of the single John Ryan and let him address the question.

“So there’s been lots of talk online whether there is a siren or a siren type sound in ‘Heaven,'” he said. “I’m now going to pass you over to the co-producer of ‘Heaven,’ Mr. John Ryan. John, take it away.”

The video then transitioned to show Ryan, who explained that there indeed is a “huge siren” sound in “Heaven.” The same is called Chorus Synth 2, which the co-producer confirmed to be audible in the whole last chorus and second to the last chorus.

“There’s a siren, who cares?” he said.

 Horan concluded the video by saying that the noticeable sound is not literally a siren sound but is close enough. As of writing, “Heaven” is near to reaching 80 million plays on Spotify.

@niallhoran #stitch with @dlid_hols about that siren in Heaven… #behindthesong ♬ Heaven – Niall Horan

He Treats Fans with Raw Teaser of New Music ‘Meltdown’

Horan initially gave fans a snippet of his other track from The Show, “Meltdown,” when he uploaded a video of himself singing a line from the song while playing a guitar. After the exciting replies from fans, the former One Direction member was generous enough to post another raw teaser, one where he was belting along the single while driving.

“When it all melts down, I’ll be there,” he sings.

In the comment section of the video, fans have once again expressed how thrilled they are about the upcoming song. To one supporter, “Meltdown” gives off cool “summer vibes.”

@niallhoran The putt has spoken… “Meltdown” is all yours on April 28. Pre-save it now! #newmusic #meltdown ♬ Meltdown – Niall Horan
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