Meet ‘AGT’s Energetic Dancing, Singing Group Travis Japan

Corey Cesare
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Travis Japan auditions for 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent continues this week with its sixth week of auditions. Tokyo based sing and dance group, Travis Japan is among the auditioning acts.

Travis Japan is a seven person entertainment group featuring Kaito “Chaka” Miyachika, Kaito “Umi” Nakamura, Ryuya “Shime” Shimekake, Noeru “Noel” Kawashima, Shizuya “Shizu” Yoshizawa, “Genta” Matsuda, and Kaito “Machu” Matsukura hailing from Tokyo, Japan. Johnny Kitagawa, of the management company Johnny and Associates brought the seven group members together in 2012. They were children at the time. The inspiration behind Travis Japan’s name came from choreographer Travis Payne, who worked primarily with Michael Jackson until his death.

Travis Japan makes their United States national debut on Tuesday, July 12. A sneak peek video of their audition features the group members performing perfected choreography, with their own J-pop song. Simon Cowell and Terry Crews are seen smiling throughout the group’s entire performance.

Travis Japan Hopes to Break into The American Music Industry

In March, Travis Japan moved to Los Angeles, California. The group reportedly moved to America to focus on their English language studies, while refining their singing and dancing skills. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, they competed in the World of Dance Championships in Anaheim. At the World of Dance Championships they won third place in the team decision. They also won best costume and crowd favorite.

“This is only the beginning. Now, we really have the energy to start (our journey),” Travis Japan said.

This group is the fourth managed by Johnny and Associates to attempt to break into the American music industry. Other groups have been unsuccessful in breaking into the industry for one reason or another. Travis Japan’s original song “Hollywood of Dreams” was written to portray their passion for breaking into the American music industry.

This group says that their launch in America is different than others, because they’re refining their skills and learning english before their breakthrough. Their creator and founder of Johnny and Associates is a legendary figure in the Japan entertainment industry. He formed dozens of male J-pop groups in the past 60 years. Kitagawa is unable to see Travis Japan’s success in the United States, since he passed away in 2019. Since he had experience creating this group, Travis Japan’s foundation is strong.

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