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‘Masked Singer’ Stars Willie Robertson, Bobby Berk Discuss Their Country Rivalry

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There was a double elimination on The Masked Singer Season 6 this week as Mallard and Caterpillar were revealed to be Duck Dynasty‘s Willie Robertson and Queer Eye‘s Bobby Berk respectively. The unmasked stars stopped by host Nick Cannon’s talk show on Thursday to discuss their experience on the show.

Willie Robertson, Bobby Berk Talk About ‘The Masked Singer’

The Masked Singer judges were shocked that both Robertson and Berk had such great voices even though they’re not professional singers. They told Cannon about their musical experience before the show, with Robertson pointing out that he and his family put out a Christmas album that sold a million copies.

Meanwhile, Berk shared that he’s been singing since he was a little kid and performed in church growing up. He was even in a Christian rock band at one point. Both singers showed off a country style in their final performance, so it was interesting that they were eliminated together.

Robertson shared that his dressing room was right next to Berk’s, and he heard him warming up to sing “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks for this week’s show. Robertson said he sang along and tried to mess Berk up, adding, “Who’s the guy trying to do the country? I thought I was in the country lane!”

Berk said he couldn’t hear Robertson singing from his side, but he loved how the show did everything possible to keep the singers’ identities a secret, even from each other. He expected that the singing would be pre-recorded, and was shocked that they actually performed the vocals live in their costumes.



The Unmasked Stars Talk About Their Awkward Costumes

Robertson said the Mallard costume was the first option he saw, and he immediately said, “Oh, heck yeah! I will wear that for a year straight. I will wear that around town.”

However, he admitted that the costume made it difficult to see what was happening around him. He said he never knew where Cannon was on the stage when he came up to talk to him. Berk chimed in to say he was “afraid I was gonna take you out with my rear end when I turned around.”

With Mallard and Caterpillar out of the competition, there are only four contestants left this season on The Masked Singer — Bull, Skunk, Banana Split, and Queen of Hearts. We can’t wait to find out who wins.

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