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‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: Jenny McCarthy Uses Final Take It Off Buzzer

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On Wednesday night, The Masked Singer Season 6 returned for the second half of the Semifinals and the last four members of Group B performed. Guest judge Cheryl Hines from I Can See Your Voice joined the panel in guessing who was behind the masks, and two more celebrities were revealed.

In tonight’s episode, Jenny McCarthy hit the second and final Take It Off Buzzer of the season for Caterpillar. Like Ken Jeong last week, she ended up being wrong and failed to unmask the celebrity. Tonight’s episode also featured a double elimination.

At the end of the night, Mallard was revealed to be Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson, and Caterpillar was revealed to be Bobby Berk, the interior designer from Netflix’s Queer Eye.


Jenny McCarthy Hits the Take It Off Buzzer on ‘The Masked Singer’

In a past episode, McCarthy teased that she was going to hit the Take It Off Buzzer for Caterpillar. In tonight’s episode, she actually did it after Caterpillar performed “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks. Guesses from the other judges included Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line and Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.

However, McCarthy was convinced that Jake Gyllenhaal was under the mask. She cited him mentioning he has a sister, as well as the fact that some of this season’s contestants have been Oscar-nominated. She screamed and hit the Buzzer but turned out to be wrong. Caterpillar’s identity wasn’t revealed.

The Take It Off Buzzer could only be hit once per group. Last week, Ken Jeong hit it for Pepper in Group A and wrongly guessed it was Sara Bareilles. (It turned out to be Natasha Bedingfield.) Now that McCarthy hit the Buzzer for Group B, the judges can’t use it ever again this season, so they’ll miss out on the extra points toward the Golden Ear.


Mallard, Caterpillar Revealed in Double Elimination

At the end of the night, Mallard was revealed to be Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson. During the episode, he performed a country-stylized version of “Fly” by Sugar Ray. He also revealed that he had made Barbara Walters’ “10 Most Fascinating People” list.

Guesses from the judges included Dog the Bounty Hunter, Jason Aldean, and Billy Ray Cyrus. After he was unmasked, Robertson revealed that he was actually friends with some of the people the panelists had named. However, none of the judges’ first impression guesses were correct.

The second contestant to be eliminated was Caterpillar, so we ended up learning his true identity without the Take It Off Buzzer. He turned out to be Bobby Berk from Queer Eye. The panelists were shocked that he has such a great voice. Guesses included Dan Levy and Owen Wilson, but none of the judges got it right.

Meanwhile, Banana Split and Queen of Hearts made it through to the Group B Finals. They’re in the final four contestants in the running to win Season 6.

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