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‘Masked Singer’ Front-Runner is Shockingly Eliminated During ‘Spicy 6’ Episode


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The Masked Singer “Spicy 6” episode brought the heat. It also led to what some may consider the most shocking elimination of the season so far. The hit Fox show has proved once again that it is far from predictable.

This week, the judges got to look inside the minds of the contestants. The Masked Singer Mind Reader is a new contraption that allows the judges to see an x-ray of the contestant’s heads to learn what they are thinking about. These clues will lead them one step closer to correctly guessing the identities of the celebrities underneath the masks.

Chrissy Metz served as the guest judge for this episode joining Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy to guess which celebrities are under the masks.


Who Was Revealed On ‘The Masked Singer’ Tonight?

It is absolutely insane that after the judges and the superfans voted, The Robopine was eliminated from the competition. We thought he had for sure secured a spot in the finale and was one of the best technically perfect singers in the competition.

Even Nick Cannon was shocked when it came time to reveal the results. Before The Robopine was unmasked, Cannon revealed that McCarthy, Scherzinger, and Jeong all made their first impression guesses of Jamie Foxx. This was not their finest moment. Foxx has been a guest judge on the show in the past, even making fun of the judges constantly guessing him.

While McCarthy stuck with that first impression guess, Scherzinger changed her guess to Tyrese Gibson and Metz agreed. Thicke guessed that it was Terrence Howard. Jeong thought it was Wesley Snipes.

But, it turns out that The Masked Singer Robopine is actually…Fast & Furious actor Tyrese!


Everything that Led Up to ‘The Masked Singer’ Robopine Reveal

Here are the clues and details about The Masked Singer Robopine’s performance that led up to his big reveal:

Clues: The clue package heavily focused on a roller coaster in the background. The Robopine’s family was on food stamps when he was younger. One trip to the amusement park changed his life forever. There were also balloon darts and drama masks emphasized while he spoke about losing someone very close to him.

Performance: The Robopine performed “Water Runs Dry” by Boyz II Men this week. This was another one of his more emotional performances with a very simple production behind it. It was all about his vocals this week.

His Mind Reader clue was a light bulb.

Judges Guesses: McCarthy guessed that it was Usher under the mask. Scherzinger correctly guessed it was Tyrese while Metz thought it was rapper Tank at first.


Which Contestants Are Moving on to the Top Five?

Five contestants remain in the competition and will be singing again next week. Their performances were totally awesome this week even though we’re still salty about that shocking elimination.

1. Who is The Yeti?

Clues: The Yeti said that he is a “family Yeti.” When his daughter was born he immediately rushed home to hold her. There was a pacifier clue. He also said that he has multiple children and loves being a father.

Performance: This was a dance-heavy performance of “It Takes Two” by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. The judges absolutely loved this fun song choice and all of the throwback moves that he threw into the routine. The Yeti ended the routine the only way a man in a Yeti costume would…with a split!

The Yeti’s Mind Reader clue after the performance was a corn on the cob.

Judges Guesses: Jeong thinks it is actor Vin Diesel under the mask. Metz thinks it is either Trey Songz or Miguel.


2. Who is The Piglet?

Clues: In the clue package, there was a chair with numbers all over it. Back in his fraternity days he and his fraternity bros shaved their heads in unity. It was then that he realized he has an apple-shaped birthmark on his head. While he wasn’t able to land the girl of his dreams back then, he found the perfect girl years later. The clues also focused on gold bars and a pair of fake teeth.

Performance: The Piglet sang “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” by Phil Collins. It was just him and a pianist on stage for this stripped-down performance. The Cluedle-Doo intercepted The Piglet’s Mind Reader clue. He revealed that The Piglet caught touchdowns from Dan Marino.

Judges Guesses: Jeong thinks it is Taylor Lautner while Scherzinger guessed that it is Nick Lachey.


3. Who is The Black Swan?

Clues: The Black Swan is finally having fun on The Masked Singer and is not as afraid of performing anymore. She was crying inside of the mask last week. There was an umbrella clue and a picture of a baby and a horse. A New Hampshire clue also had the judges thinking deeply about where she could be from.

Performance: She performed “Do I Do” by Stevie Wonder this week. This was a performance with the theme of love. There were hearts all over the stage and it felt like Valentine’sDay all over again. The background dancers were dressed as hearts.

Her Mind Reader clue was Mariah Carey.

Judges Guesses: Thicke thinks it is Ke$ha under the mask. Metz threw out the name Christina Milian. Jeong feels like it’s Metz’s This Is Us co-star Mandy Moore


4. Who are The Russian Dolls?

Clues: Only two of The Russian Dolls were in the clue package this week. A big clue was a nickel and a dime. Growing up they were laughed at and criticized a lot for the way they looked. Other notable clues were a belt buckle and a frying pan.

Performance: There were only two Russian Dolls on stage singing “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. It was the perfect duet and another simple performance that captivated the judges.

Their Mind Reader clue was a kangaroo.

Judges Guesses: McCarthy thinks it is Hanson under the many masks while Jeong thinks it is famous exes Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger.


5. Who is The Chameleon?

Clues: The Chameleon’s clue package started off with a plate of oranges. He was a military kid so he moved around a lot when he was younger. A plate of brownies had a sign on it that said “Brownies for $ale.” The Chameleon held a small yellow airplane and a captain’s hat.

Performance: The Chameleon performed “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See You” by The Masked Singer Dragon, Busta Rhymes. His costume was glowing in the dark and the judges grooved in their seats with glowsticks in their hands.

His Mind Reader clue was a shoe.

Judges Guesses: Jeong guessed that it is rapper Young Thug under the mask. Scherzinger thinks it is Snoop Dogg.

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