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‘Game of Talents’ Performer Solves Rubik’s Cube Like You’ve Never Seen

Jill O'Rourke

Jill O'Rourke


Game of Talents returned Wednesday night on FOX. The show, hosted by Wayne Brady, features several performers whose talents are a mystery to the contestants.

This season has featured some amazing talents so far, from scorpion wranglers to flair bartenders, with gospel singers and jugglers in between. The contestants have gone home with as much as $220,000. The show has yet to be renewed for a second season yet, so we’re not sure how many more guessing games we’ll be able to watch.


WATCH Tonight’s ‘Game Of Talents’ Performances

Tonight’s teams were teachers Deann and Erin, as well as Josh and Renee. They were tasked with guessing the talents of various guests. The teams were given several talents to choose from, but only six out of seven were actual talents featured during the show.

Tonight’s episode featured an incredible Rubik’s cube solver, a slackline walker wearing high heels, and an alligator wrangler who had us on the edge of our seats.


This performer said he has a wife and four kids. The clue package included an in-flight announcement on a plane. Deann and Erin chose to play, guessing that Kregg was a slam dunk champ. Josh and Renee disagreed, thinking he was an indoor surfer.

Kregg then showed off his talent shooting slam dunks, complete with some amazing flips. Deann and Erin earned $10,000 for their correct answer. Kregg said he was part of a group called USA Dunk, and invited Brady to try his hand at helping out with a dunk.


This performer said he lives in California with his parents and brother. The clue package featured a fake yard sale full of various items. Josh and Renee chose to play, guessing that Ethan was a Rubik’s cube solver. Deann and Erin agreed with their guess.

Ethan then showed off his talent solving a Rubik’s cube one-handed while juggling even more cubes in his other hand. Josh and Renee earned $10,000 for their correct guess. Ethan said he’s 16 years old, adding that he first learned to solve a Rubik’s cube in fourth grade.


This performer said she loves riding her red scooter around. Deann and Erin decided to play. Their clue package included comments from Olga’s friend. Deann and Erin guessed that Olga was a slackline walker. Josh and Renee disagreed, thinking she was a fire dancer.


Olga then showed off her talent walking on a slackline in high heels, meaning Deann and Erin were correct. They earned $15,000. Olga shared that she’s originally from Russia and has won Guinness World Records for her talent.


This performer said he’s originally from New York. Josh and Renee chose to play. Their clue package included a fake school career day. Josh and Renee guessed that Pharaoh was an alligator wrangler. Deann and Erin agreed with their guess.

Pharaoh then showed off his talent handling an alligator, even kissing its snout and putting his hand in its mouth. Josh and Renee earned $15,000 for their correct guess. Pharaoh shared that he’s a wildlife educator in Florida.


This performer said she takes her dog on vacation with her. The clue package included postcards from a Hawaiian vacation. Deann and Erin locked in fire dancer as their guess almost immediately. Josh and Renee disagreed, thinking she was a hula hooper instead.

Brookelynn then showed off her talent hula hooping. Deann and Erin were wrong, meaning they were eliminated, while Josh and Renee received $60,000 and moved on to guess the final performer. Their total went up to $85,000. Brookelynn shared that her stage name is Queen of the Rings. She invited Brady to swing a hoop around his neck.

Final ‘Game of Talents’ Performer: Mata

The only two talents left on the board were indoor surfer and fire dancer. Mata shared that he loves to play basketball. The clue package included a conversation in an HR office. Josh and Renee chose to walk away with $85,000, rather than risk their money by guessing. They would have gone with fire dancer as their guess.

Mata then showed off his talent as a fire dancer, meaning they would have been correct. They would have walked away with $170,000 if they had taken the risk, but $85,000 isn’t too shabby either.

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