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Who Is The Moth? ‘The Masked Dancer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!


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Season one of The Masked Dancer brings all our favorite parts of The Masked Singer into a dancing competition. With more celebrities in elaborate costumes, what else could you want?! And many have presidential connections, including the Moth. That means this reveal will likely be a SHOCKING one!

So who is under the mask? Our prediction and the decoded clues are below!

The Masked Dancer Moth’s first performance and clues package

The Moth’s Clues on The Masked Dancer

The Moth’s clues begin with her explaining that Moths are drawn to the spotlight “whether we want it or not.” We see a moving box with “CLOTHES” written on it circled. The camera then pans to a lei and the Moth is seen eating over a blue dress. She says “One day, I was just a regular moth, out of the view of the public. The next, I’m making headlines with the President.” Two women are seen holding up a “NATIONAL INSECTQUIRER” reading “MOTH TELLS ALL!”


Moth explains she had a traumatic experience that not many could have gone through. She is standing next to a desk and a tree. She says she’s a “survivor” while images of the White House and Capitol appear on screen. Moth is seen with math equations floating around her, specifically showing a “286” in front. She claims that she turned around her tragedy and used it to shine a light on the things she loves the most. Moth is standing next to a ladder and points to a framed painting of a moth as an angel. She “took control of her game,” she says as maple leaves are shown next to her. Now, she “thrives in the spotlight.”

The Masked Dancer also has a new twist! Each contestant can say one word in their real, undisguised voice. Sloth’s “Word Up” clue was “Inspired.”

The panelists have predicted that Moth could be Miley Cyrus, Megyn Kelly, Monica Lewinsky, and Marla Maples. Online, fans are generally agreeing with some of their initial thoughts! Monica Lewinsky and Marla Maples are popular guesses, as well as Omarosa from The Apprentice, Bristol Palin, or Stormy Daniels.

Our Prediction for ‘The Masked Dancer’ Moth Is…

After investigating all the clues, we’ve narrowed it down to two top options. Moth is definitely a hard one to figure out! Clues largely match up for both of these predictions. Based on that, the Moth is either…

One of our predictions for The Masker Dancer Moth, Marla Maples

Marla Maples or Monica Lewinsky!

Both women have had their fair share of presidential controversy. But let’s take a look at how the rest of the clues line up for each.


Marla Maples was married to Donald Trump, beginning with a relationship initiated when Trump was still married to his first wife. Because of his real estate fame, their affair made headlines in many tabloids. The “CLOTHES” clue could be tied to her modeling career or the fact that she designed a line of maternity clothes. A lei is a nod to her winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 1985. And, as Paula Abdul pointed out, there were maple leaves in the clues. Marla is also a Lyme disease survivor. Having previously appeared on Dancing With the Stars, this would be a perfect fit for her.

One of our predictions for The Masker Dancer Moth, Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky, on the other hand, is an obvious choice. Many of the clues directly point to her, like when the Moth said “in turn,” hinting at her role as an intern, her infamous blue dress, the desk clue, and her saying she’s a “survivor.” The story of being thrust into the spotlight but now using it for good also line up. But is it all too obvious and actually a distraction from the Moth’s true identity? We’ll have to wait for her to be revealed to know for sure.

Who is ‘The Masked Dancer’ Moth?

Do you agree with our predictions? Are there any clues or connections that we missed? Let us know and we will continue to update this article throughout the season!

For more costume reveals from The Masked Dancer, visit the pages linked below.


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