‘The Masked Dancer’ Premiere Recap: Group A Performs + An Old-School Reveal!

Samantha Agate
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The Masked Dancer kicked off with five incredible performances from celebrities underneath their unique masks. The judges are all trying to figure out who is under the masks based on their iconic dance moves. Keep reading to find out how this exciting series premiere went and which celebrity was sent packing.

This season the contestants will be dropping one major hint for the judges by saying one word in their normal unaltered voice. This is known as the one-word clue.

Who Is The Hammerhead?

Clues: The obvious clue is the connection to the water and swimming. Throughout the clue package, The Hammerhead kept swimming towards the light. There is also a cup of “Joe” along with a burger and carrots in the clue package. He said in the clue package he has a new mindset and is now doing things that once scared him.

Performance: The Hammerhead took on “Everybody” by The Backstreet Boys in his first performance. The high-energy hip-hop number was jam-packed and totally lit. It was full of entertainment and completely blew the judges away. The Hammerhead’s one-word clue is the word “dramatic.” This had the judges thinking that it is someone who loves being on the stage.

Judges’ Guesses: Paula Abdul guessed that it is Joe Jonas under the mask. Brian Austin Green guessed that it is Zac Efron. Ashley Tisdale disagreed with this. They also feel like it could be someone comedic like Carrot Top.


Who Is The Tulip?

Clues: In the Tulip’s clue package, there was a cereal box with an 11 on it. There was also a yearbook along with clear evidence that this person was bullied. There was a reference to an acrobatic club. She said she found a “sunnier place” to call home. At the end of the clues, she said “we’re all in this together.” A clock was also seen in the clue package.

Performance: The Tulip shocked the world when she launched into a tap-dancing number to “Fergalicious.” She added a fierce hip-hop flavor to it and utilized the entire stage. At the end of the routine, her arms fell into a TikTok motion. Her one-word clue after the performance was “triple” which may mean she is a triple threat.

Judges’ Guesses: Based on the references to TikTok, Ashley felt that it has to be Charli D’Amelio underneath the mask. She was part of an anti-bullying campaign. Paula feels that it is Ariana Grande under the mask. Ken feels it is his on-screen daughter Heather Morris.

Who Is The Cricket?

Clues: The Cricket said in the clue package that he never thought he would be dancing in a show like this. There were a ton of references to Las Vegas and gambling. He mentioned that he always felt like he was being punked but then everything changed. Finally he “hit the jackpot” and fell in love. A slot machine with 90210 written on it flashed on the screen.

Performance: The Cricket performed a comedic dance routine to “Jump (For My Love).” While he did not do a ton of dancing like some of the other contestants, he kept the judges amused with his commitment and humor. His one-word answer was “accomplished.”

Judges’ Guesses: Ken thought it could be Ryan Reynolds under the mask because he did play the titular character in The Green Lantern. Brian thought it could be Jim Carrey under the mask because of the ace cards or Ian Ziering because of the 90210 reference.

Who Is The Disco Ball

Clues: He came to The Masked Dancer to show his “true colors.” He had a gavel in the clue package. A bald eagle also flashed on the screen. It was clear that he is a very old-school celebrity that had a ton of success in the past.

Performance: He danced to “Uptown Funk” and was joined by a whole squad of fiery dancers. He had some major swag and added in some throwback disco moves. His one-word clue is “Grammy” which many feel like implies he is a singer or a comedian.

Judges’ Guesses: The judges feel like he might be an old school entertainer or comedian. Ashley feels like it could be MC Hammer because of the gavel in the clues. Brian guessed that it was LL Cool J. Ken thinks it’s Smokey Robinson under the mask.

Who Is The Exotic Bird?

Clues: The Exotic Bird is seen in the clue package running on a track. She said she is competitive and started when she was a teenager. She posed with a bottle of perfume. But, she has felt attacked a lot in her life. Win or lose, she “keeps flying” but plans to dominate The Masked Dancer like a true warrior.

Performance: The Exotic Bird took on a fiery ballroom routine that lit up the stage. She shook her feathers and totally proved that she knows how to dance. Her movements demonstrated natural performance ability. Her one-word clue is “scored.”

Judges Guesses: Brian guessed it could be Hope Solo. Paula guessed that it might be Jennifer Hudson. Ken thinks it is Venus Williams under the mask because of a clue referencing 2007 when she won a big tennis match.

The First Eliminated ‘Masked Dancer’ Celebrity Is…

The first dancer of Group A to be eliminated from The Masked Dancer is unfortunately The Disco Ball. The judges got to ask a few more questions before making their final guesses. They found out that he was super famous in the 90s and has won more than one Grammy.

Brian’s final guess is LL Cool J. Ken’s final guess is Smokey Robinson. Paula’s final guess is Ving Rhames. Ashley’s final guess is Lionel Richie. Finally, The Disco Ball was unmasked and revealed to be superstar rap legend and actor Ice T.


The Masked Dancer returns with the Group B dancers in its regular time slot on Wednesday, January 6.

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