Who Is The Tulip? ‘The Masked Dancer’ Prediction + Clues Decoded!


The first season of The Masked Dancer has already been just as much of a trip as we expected. What a fun and crazy experience for the viewers! The costumes are elaborate, the performances are full of energy, the (fake!) crowd is lively and the clues are hard to solve. But the Tulip upped the game with her tap dancing! Whoever it is must have danced on a stage like this before.

But who is the celebrity under the Tulip mask? This one has been hard to figure out! But our predictions and The Masked Dancer clues are decoded below!

The Masked Dancer Tulip’s first performance and clues package

The Tulip’s Clues on The Masked Dancer

In her first set of clues, the Tulip was woken up at 11:00 by an alarm clock with “TICK TOCK” written on it. She picks up a bowl of cereal next to a “Mini Seeds” box with an “11” circled. Then, she found “this gem,” she explains while holding up a “MOUNT LAUREL SCHOOL” yearbook. Tulip flips to a “Glee Club” page, then an “Acrobatics Club” page while explaining that she was bullied growing up. But she packed up her things and found a “new, sunnier place” to call home. We see a ticket with “AL-DC” written on it and a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Next, Tulip clicks her heels together. She says there, people were “chill with the stranger things” about her. Waves appear in her eyes, then a rainbow flies in over her. Lastly, she closes the clues with saying, “we’re all in this together!”


The Masked Dancer also has a new twist! Each contestant can say one word in their real, undisguised voice. Her “Word Up” clue was “triple.”

Focusing on the TikTok clues, the panelists and social community have guessed that the Tulip could be Charli D’Amelio. The judges also predicted Ariana Grande or Heather Morris. Online, the most popular predictions are Maddie or Mackenzie Ziegler, Millie Bobby Brown, or Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony.

Our Predictions for The Masked Dancer Tulip

The Tulip has been the hardest one to figure out so far this season! Her clues match up to many different people, but all have to have dance experience. I mean, come on. She did tap dancing in her first performance! But we think the Tulip is…

Kyle Montplaisir | Talent Recap Our prediction for The Masked Dancer Tulip, Mackenzie Ziegler

Mackenzie Ziegler!

The “AL-DC” (an abbreviation of Abby Lee Dance Company) ticket pointed us to the dancers from Dance Moms. And Mackenzie perfectly fits the bill! Mackenzie is a “triple threat,” since she’s an actress and singer in addition to a dancer. That explains the “Glee Club” and “Acrobatics Club” pictures in the clues too. She first appeared on Dance Moms in 2011, which gives meaning to the “11” clues. The “mini” next to it on the cereal box could also be a nod to the “minis” that Mackenzie danced as a part of on Dance Moms. Mackenzie is also active on TikTok with 19 million followers! And the macaroni and cheese bowl? Obviously pointing to a shortened version of her name, Mac!


Mackenzie’s sister Maddie is friends with Millie Bobby Brown, explaining the Stranger Things clue. Mackenzie played Dorothy in a stage adaptation of The Wonderful Winter of Oz so the clicking heels clue makes sense for her. Her sister was also the lead dancer in the “Rainbow” music video for Sia and there was a rainbow in Tulip’s clue package. That could also be a Wizard of Oz reference to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” again because of her role in the holiday adaptation. The waves in Tulip’s eyes are probably a reference to her now living in Los Angeles. And the high school yearbook clue could be a nod to her role in the Brat high school drama series Total Eclipse. She has also been part of a number of anti-bullying campaigns.

Who is The Masked Dancer Tulip?

Do you agree with our prediction? Are there any clues or connections that we missed? Let us know and we will continue to update this article throughout the season!

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