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Luke Bryan Says Teaching His Son Bo to Drive is a “Nightmare”

Luke Bryan performs on 'American Idol'ABC/Eric McCandless

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American Idol judge Luke Bryan is not at all neglecting his duties as a father. The country star recently revealed that he’s been teaching his son Bo to drive, which he deems to be a stressful thing at the moment.

Luke Bryan Struggles as He Teaches His Son Bo to Drive

During his interview with Audacy’s Katie & Company, Bryan shared his frustration over his son’s stubborn driving skills. According to the singer, his 15-year-old is having a hard time maneuvering a car.

“He’s 15 so he’s doing the whole learner’s permit nightmare,” he said. “He is not a very good driver right now, so we’re having to work with him pretty hard. He’s very frustrated right now because he thinks he knows how to drive, but he has no idea what he’s doing.”

Obviously unimpressed by his son’s practical driving knowledge, the “Play It Again” singer believes that Bo needs more practice. Nonetheless, it seems that Bo has a knack for fishing to at least offset his road skills. Bryan shared that the young guy had just captured a kilos-worth of freshwater fish.

“He caught [his first 10-pound bass] a couple of weeks ago,” he said. “It took him 15 years, it took me 46 years.”

While Bryan admits the struggle of raising young adults, the American Idol judge maintains that he’s in the “golden years” of parenting. He told People before that it’s nice to see his sons become “functional little microcosms” of him.

He Promises More Laid Back Music in the Future

As Bryan fulfills his paternal obligations, he is also gearing up for his new music. The veteran musician interestingly has a new album in the works which he intends to be a sound for leisure and relaxed days.

“I’m all about from now to the twilight of my career just having a blast when I’m on stage, playing songs that make people have fun,” he said.

According to the “One Margarita” singer, he’s already recorded 10 tracks for the music collection. With that, he plans to record six songs or more to be able to put out a full-length LP. 

“As I find songs, as I write songs that I really love, we’ll go in the studio an record ‘em and just keep adding layer upon layer to the album and just put out,” he said.

Amid this creative project, Bryan is preparing for his headlining tour in September, Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2023

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