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Kelsea Ballerini Looks Gorgeous for Her First Date in “How Do I Do This” Music Video


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Kelsea Ballerini was both nervous and excited as she prepared for her first date. The country songstress recently released the official music video of her song “How Do I Do This (The Final Chapter),” depicting what she feels ahead of a thrilling romantic setup.

Kelsea Ballerini Prepares for Her First Date in “How Do I Do This” Music Video

Ballerini kicked off the music video by showing herself in gray sweatpants, tensely texting her future date. She then proceeds to doll herself up, slipping a Cinderella blue dress as she dreams of such potential new romance.

“My friend has a friend and they say they’re my type / And then they texted me once / And then they texted me twice / Saying, ‘Are you free Saturday? I know a spot’ / So, I typed out a couple million ways to respond / But I landed with ‘Yes’ / S—t, so where the hell is my dress?” she sings.

In the visualizer, she belts out to herself in the mirror and proceeds to cut her long locks. Such scene is most probably an indication that Ballerini is welcoming a new phase of her life post-divorce.

The country songstress continued to serve looks with her multiple fairy tale gowns in her room. Until finally, she wears a sultry little black dress, sips some wine in the bathroom, smirks in the mirror, and proceeds to meet her new beau.

“How Do I Do This (The Final Chapter)” is one track off of Ballerini’s EP Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good). She released the song in August after she dropped the initial album in February.

The Track is About Moving On with Her Beau Chase Stokes

Essentially, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat (For Good) documented Ballerini’s divorce from Morgan Wallen, which was finalized in November 2022. Yet, while the EP mostly talks about her devastating separation, “How Do I Do This” is particularly different. It is a song that delineates her moving on stage, hinting her new romance with her boyfriend Chase Stokes.

“It’s about the nerves of going into a very unknown world,” she said. “And, to me, I felt like since I hadn’t really gotten to share my story in my perspective on what had happened in my life yet, that needed to come second. That is part two.”

According to Ballerini, “How Do I Do This (The Final Chapter)” is an “extension of the story.” Now that she can willingly talk about the breakup, the song is a signal that she’s indeed decided to move forward.

“Especially now, I’ve been in a new relationship for a while now, and people have seen that. So I feel like it’s a really appropriate time to catch everyone up and to be able to move the narrative from the past to the present,” she said.

“Like, is it wrong to take a shot? / I’m freaking out like ‘Oh, my God’ / ‘Cause now it’s 7:00 on the dot,” she sings.

Ballerini and Stokes first sparked romance rumors when they attended the College Football Playoff National Championship in Los Angeles. One month later, during an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Ballerini confirmed their relationship.

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is GlucoRelief real
is GlucoRelief real
2 days ago

This was beautiful Admin. Thank you for your reflections.

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