Kelly Clarkson is Officially Granted Permanent Restraining Orders Against Her Stalkers

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The original American Idol winner and returning coach on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson, is officially granted permanent restraining orders. Clarkson previously filed for temporary restraining orders against two different people, which was recently been made permanent.

Kelly Clarkson is Granted Permanent Restraining Orders

Clarkson filed for temporary restraining orders to her attorney, Ed McPherson on December 2022. She was recently granted permission to have long-term legal protection from two individuals that kept causing her a disturbance.

Victor Fernandez, and Huguette Nicole Young are two individuals who are now required by the law to stay a minimum of 100 yards away from Clarkson and her children. Reports say that Fernandez pulled up in front of Clarkson’s home on Thanksgiving 2022. He then entered the gates saying that he was there to see the singer. According to the filing, Fernandez allegedly showed up at Clarkson’s house many times after the first incident.

Clarkson was given a temporary restraining order against Young on December 9, 2022. The singer’s head of security, Michael Lopez said Young uninvitedly visited Clarkson’s house at least 18 times. According to court records, Young also put dog toys, stickers, plants, and seeds on the porch.

According to the now-permanent restraining orders, the two must remain at least 100 yards away from the celebrity and her kids. Additionally, they are not allowed to communicate in any way with Clarkson or her family. These orders are now being upheld by the law, and should the two individuals violate the terms, authorities are permitted to put necessary action.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Divorce On Her New Album

On a separate note, Clarkson revealed new details about her upcoming album. The singer detailed that the album is heavily inspired by her turbulent divorce from ex-husband Brandon Blackstock. The two got married back in 2013 but have broken up since June 2020, their divorce was settled on March 2022.

“I have an album coming out this year, I swear,” Clarkson said. “I know I’ve been talking about it. But look I’m going to be really honest with you, it took a minute for me to be able to release this album. Because I just had to be over it, through it, like all around it.”

The singer announced the news that she has an album in the works and that it’s set for a release this year. While Clarkson appeared thrilled with the news, she also stated that the album took a long time to complete. The reason was that she needed to recover from her divorce before writing new songs.

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