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Kelly Clarkson Hints at Big Changes for 2022 — Is She Leaving ‘The Voice’?

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Kelly Clarkson hopped on Instagram live yesterday to wish her fans a Happy New Year, and answer some questions. In the revealing live, she mentioned that she wants to rerecord some of her classic songs, and even hinted that she may be leaving The Voice.

Between takes of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the singer hopped on Instagram live to answer questions from her fans. While answering questions, she revealed some opportunities that might be on her horizon. One of the biggest things she shared during this segment was that she would love to re-record her older songs. She was inspired by Taylor Swift’s re-releases.

“I think it’s interesting about doing that later in life is that one, I personally feel like my voice is stronger than it was when I was 19, It should be, I mean I hope so like after working hard for 20 years it should have gotten a little better,” Clarkson said. I feel like my range is bigger and it’s just a different voice so I think it would be interesting to re-record some of those songs that I love, or even some of those hits that I actually can’t listen to.”

She then went on to acknowledge that the memory of working with certain producers. She claimed that she normally gets along with producers, but there are some experiences that have held her back from listening to her own tracks. The singer explained that some producers can be perfectionists, so she almost felt trapped in the studio with them in the past.

“I would like to, I think that would be fun to do at this stage of my life, with this voice now I think that would be really cool,” she continued.

Did She Just Hint at Leaving The Voice?

During the next part of Clarkson’s live video she talked about her goals for 2022. Although some answers were expected of the singer, there’s one that could’ve been taken in multiple different ways. The fill in the blank prompt is: the place I want to visit the most in 2022. The singer began by saying she wants to go to her home and the beach. She then went on to talk about her family and kids.

“I’ve decided this year there’s just going to be a couple changes for me that I can’t say here, but there’s a couple things happening and I’ve been able to make more time just for me and my kiddos and still be able to work,” Clarkson said. “Just where we can get away on weekends and really do some fun stuff with my kids.”

My immediate thought went to The Voice. Outside of shows, Clarkson is expected to work with her artists and prepare them for each upcoming episode. On top of that, she films live shows on Monday nights, the series most likely holds dress rehearsals the night before the show, and films Tuesdays as well toward the end of the season. Although I’m uncertain of whether Clarkson is involved in dress rehearsals or not, this may be the change she was talking about.

New Year, New Projects

At the end of the live Clarkson acknowledged that there are a few different things happening for her in 2022. Clarkson was extremely vague in relation to what is on the rise for her. The only thing she really announced is her goal to release a new record in the new year.

“I’ll give you a hint, one is something people have been asking for, for quite some time,” she said. “The other is, well also something people have been asking for, for a few years now, that’s no secret… I do hope to get a record out this year. There’s been a lot going on in my life… I wanted my life to be a little more steady before jumping into a giant project.”

She shared that she has a ton of music she’s been writing for the past few years. Then, she noted that there is another thing she’s doing that’s “kind of cool.”

“Then there’s something else that’s different that well I can’t discuss but it’s going to happen and it’s pretty big,” Clarkson wrapped up.

This more or less confirmed my sneaking suspicion about her involvement on The Voice. She began as a coach on this show in 2018 and has been apart of their two seasons a year format ever since. After eight seasons, it’s possible this singer wants to move on. NBC has yet to confirm the coaches for season 22 of the series, so only time will tell if she remains on The Voice or not.

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