Jay Jay Phillips of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Dies From Complications of Covid-19

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Jay Jay Phillips of America’s Got Talent has died from complications of Covid-19, his family confirms. The METTAL MAFFIA member was just 30 years old. According to family, the rocker was battling the virus since late November and took a turn for the worse the day before Thanksgiving. Jay Jay was reportedly not vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to TMZ, the family told Jay Jay to go to the hospital, but he said he just needed to get more sleep. It was reportedly the last the family heard from him. Jay Jay’s girlfriend and her mom went to check on him Thanksgiving Day and found him dead.

Jay Jay lived with his father who also has Covid-19 and is currently in the hospital on a ventilator.

Jay Jay Phillips Continued Making Music After AGT

Jay Jay audition for America’s Got Talent during Season 4, and again in Season 12. He was eliminated early on when he first appeared on the show as a student, but during his second time around he was eliminated just before the quarterfinals.

Fans loved his big personality and his even bigger hair as he rocked out headbanging while playing the keyboard. The judges were always split as to whether or not to advance Jay Jay.

“You’re funny, you put a smile on everyone’s face,” remarked judge Howie Mandel while Heidi Klum remained skeptical.

Despite not winning AGT, Jay Jay continued on in his music career. Most recently, his band METTAL MAFFIA was preparing to make some “huge moves” toward enhancing their careers. In his final Instagram post, Jay Jay shared a group photo of the band with the caption:

“My band METTAL MAFFIA is making huge moves and anyone that’s a fan of me IT’S A MUST you check us out, i’m 50 million more times exited about this than the whole AGT thing and i’m so grateful to rock out with my brothers and sister and dude I love this band and them so much it’s rediculous [sic].”

At this time, the condition of Jay Jay’s father remains unclear, and we will update this story as more information becomes available.

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