Jackie Evancho Shows Off Voice Eight Years After ‘AGT’

jackie evancho america's got talent champions

At just ten years old, Jackie Evancho auditioned for Americas Got Talent and shocked the judges in her audition when she began to sing opera music. She showed off strong vocals for someone so young. Piers Morgan praised her and said, “That is one of the most extraordinary performances I’ve ever seen on Americas got talent, you’ve got it all you’ve got the whole thing.”


The talented young star continued to dominate the competition and grow a huge following. She was a fan favorite and people hoped that she would eventually be the winner of the whole show. Unfortunately, the opera singer lost the competition to Michael Grimm making her the runner up.

Following her loss to Grimm, Jackie admitted that she thought she would be going home and living life normally again, but instead she went on to be the most successful person to come out of the show.

Evancho has six albums and all went platinum making her the youngest solo singer to ever go platinum. Even though her dreams were coming true, being a star at such a young age can sometimes create a lot of problems. Jackie admits that she did go through mental health issues following her success, such as battling eating disorders.

Jackie Evancho Auditions for ‘AGT: The Champions’

Eight years after her time on the show, she decided to come back for AGT: The Champions. At 18-years-old, she had a second chance to win the title and compete against fellow stars of the singing competition. The young singer was greeted immediately as she entered the stage. Even Howie Mandel, who was a judge at the time when she was first on the show, was very excited to see her again by welcoming her back.

Jackie rocked her audition performing “Music of the Night” from The Phantom of the Opera. She proved that she still is very much talented and is still working toward her dream eight years later. Simon Cowell applauded her and said that most kids who audition will lose their talent as time goes on and that she actually got better over time.

Where is Jackie Now?

Evancho is still going strong in her singing career. She was recently a contestant on The Masked Singer where she sang “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande dressed as a burlesque cat.

She also dropped an album in 2019 called “The Debut,” which can be found on YouTube and other streaming platforms.



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