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South American Singer Shows Off Dancing Skills on ‘The Voice of Germany’


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South American singer Oxa took the stage of The Voice of Germany during Season 9. She sang “Toy” by Netta for the blind audition, but it wasn’t just her voice that caught the attention of the audience. Her dance moves and the way she owned the stage got them screaming and dancing with her.

Oxa only got one chair turn by Mark Forster who got up to enjoy the performance. Still, the other judges, especially Alice Merton, were curious to know what was going on on stage that was causing everyone to go ballistic. Merton even put her hand over the button to choose Oxa a couple of times because she wanted to turn her chair and see the performance. 


South American Singer’s Amazing Dance Moves on ‘The Voice’ 

After Oxa’s performance, it was obvious the other judges regretted not turning their chairs for her as even Merton came up to her and gave her a hug, praising her for her vocals. Oxa eventually left to work with coach Mark Forster as he was the only one who chose her and was happy with his decision to do so. Oxa continued pretty strongly throughout the competition.

During the battle rounds, Oxa came back strongly performing “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen and was moved on to the next round, beating out Sabrina Noronha. She also performed “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga in the sing-offs, which is a tough song to sing. Clearly, not for Oxa as she had the right attitude and vocals for the famous song, she even wore a lady gaga inspired outfit including a full black gown that covered her from head to toe. She then ripped it off and kept performing in a yellow bodysuit.

She shocked the audience when she paused her singing to cover her mouth with blood and made a reference to the hate that the LGBTQ+ community gets.

“Stop killing my sisters and my brothers, if you want to change the world change your mind,” she said.

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Where is She Now?

Even though Oxa had a strong start in the competition and really made herself stand out with her stage presence, she was eventually eliminated during the Semi-Finals. She performed the song “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John, but it didn’t measure up to the competition. Even though that was her last performance, it has one million views on YouTube and she started the performance hanging in the air standing on a circular sphere in another Lady Gaga-inspired outfit.


Oxa, who is originally from a small town in Brazil, was also a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez for four months and says that JLO has been following her on Instagram ever since. Oxa labels herself as “a man, a woman, a transgender and I’m a performer, dancer, and singer!”

After ‘The Voice,’ Oxa did not give up her dream of performing and she works in many different fields such as singing as a drag queen and producing the show “Party Circus” on Reeperbahn where she says she lives her passion for high heels.

“I wear them every day and have 20 of them at home!” she wrote.

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