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Jackie Evancho Looks Back, Reacts To Her Younger Self On ‘America’s Got Talent’

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Jackie Evancho recently posted a video where she watches and reacts to one of her performances from America’s Got Talent Season 5. Within the performance, she sings “O Mio Babbino Caro” and receives standing ovations from the judges table. The singer’s candid commentary while revisiting this moment provides valuable insights into her personal and artistic growth.

Jackie Evancho Shares What It Was Like to Perform on AGT

Nearly 13 years after Evancho graced the AGT stage for the first time, she reacted to herself on the series. As she watched her performance, Evancho cringed at the sound of her younger self speaking. Although she cringed at her own voice, she was able to recall how she felt in the moment. She admits to the natural evolution of her voice and persona, vividly remembering the intense nervousness she felt just before singing.

“I was shaking like a leaf. I was so scared, but then I started singing, and everything went black,” she said. “Actually, I used to say I was possessed by the music.”

Despite her seen poise and confidence, Evancho revealed that her voice wasn’t as steady as it may have sounded. However, her self-doubt quickly dissipated when she reached a particularly challenging note.

“You can hear my voice shaking a lot. I was nervous,” she said. “I know when I hit that note, I, like, internally went like this, and I knew the rest of the performance, I was going to crush.”

Evancho’s journey on AGT was a rollercoaster of emotions, and her candidness about the vulnerability she felt during that time is palpable. Finishing in second place at such a young age on the biggest stage speaks volumes about the level of her talent.

Jackie Evancho Performs Her New Single Live

Evancho has embarked on a musical transformation era with her latest single, “Behind My Eyes.” This new song, both written and sung by Evancho, showcases her evolution as a musician. Produced by Smash Mouth’s guitarist Greg Camp, “Behind My Eyes” was released on September 8.

In a personal and heartfelt message, Evancho expressed her nervousness in sharing this new part of herself. This single represents a significant step in her musical journey, and her fans certainly supported its release.

To accompany the release, Evancho also treated her fans to a live performance of “Behind My Eyes.” The live performance video is available for all to experience on her official platforms. As Evancho continues to explore her music, “Behind My Eyes” serves as a powerful introduction to this exciting new chapter in her career.

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