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Jonathan Goodwin Sues NBC Over ‘AGT: Extreme’ Accident

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Former America’s Got Talent danger act Jonathan Goodwin is suing NBC over his near fatal AGT: Extreme accident. He is seeking damages due to his October 2021 AGT: Extreme accident.

Jonathan Goodwin Sues NBC, Claims Producers Were “Cutting Corners on Safety”

On October 12, TMZ broke that Goodwin is suing NBC for his accident on the AGT: Extreme set. In the legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Goodwin claims that NBC and producers “kept upping the ante on stunts to go bigger and bolder to keep eyeballs on the AGT franchise.”

In turn, this led to the spin-off AGT: Extreme, that featured some of Got Talent‘s most dangerous acts ever, like Danny ZZZ, Alfredo Silva and the Cage Riders, and more, including Goodwin, who had previous impressed on both AGT and BGT. According to the lawsuit, Goodwin alleges that producers expected “extreme stunts … while cutting corners on safety.”

In addition, the entertainer claimed that the show “controlled, designed and interfered with the safe performance of stunts.” This, in turn “nearly cost him his life” due to his injuries.

For those who may not remember, Goodwin’s near death injury took place on October 21, 2021 rehearsal at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta Georgia. During a rehearsal, Goodwin was crushed and burned between 2 exploding cars, before falling nearly 20 feet to the ground. It was later revealed that Goodwin was paralyzed from the waist down.


Goodwin is Suing NBC for Damages

Now, Goodwin’s lawsuit is revealing details about the injury. Within the lawsuit, the entertainer claims he dislocated his spinal cord, lost his left kidney, suffered 3rd degree burns and fractured his legs, ribs, and shoulders.

The now viral video, originally obtained by TMZ, shows the stunt, including Goodwin suspended in the air and his eventual accident. The disturbing footage shows the entertainer getting sandwiched between two cars. At the time of the accident, many thought Goodwin had died.

Now, it’s been two years since the incident, and Goodwin says “there’s no end to his suffering from his mental, physical and emotional injuries from the ‘catastrophic, life-altering incident.'”

According to the performer, “production hired unqualified people to oversee and design the stunt.” He also specified that the stunt “wasn’t test with a crash dummy before he got in the ring.”

In the past, Goodwin has been open to discussing his accident publicly. In a September 2022 Question and Answer session, the performer admitted that he “didn’t do anything wrong” when it came to the act.

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