Former ‘AGT’ Host Nick Cannon Reacts To Current Host Terry Crews’ Racism Controversy

Samantha Agate
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Nick Cannon got candid during his radio show with guest T.I. about cancel culture. After they mentioned Candace Owens for her recent comments on George Floyd’s death, the subject shifted to Terry Crews. Crews made some comments about “black supremacy” on Twitter that had the entire world buzzing. But what does the former ‘AGT’ host think about the current ‘AGT’ host’s sticky situation?

Nick Cannon Said Terry Crews “Needs Guidance”

In this radio interview, Cannon says “we cannot just throw Terry away” when he was brought up in conversation by rapper T.I. This is definitely a reference to Crews’ recent tweet that caused quite the stir after the death of Floyd. The tweet said “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.”

Crews instantly received a lot of backlash almost immediately after the tweet was posted. Several people interpreted it as him saying black supremacy is very prominent, especially right now in the wake of the death of Floyd with protests sparking across the world for justice. Crews explained what he meant further, seemingly recognizing that people were not happy with his tweets. He said that he just wants black people and white people to work together because that is the only way racism and white supremacists can be taken down.

But clearly, T.I. does not think Crews should be forgiven for any confusion or hurt he has caused. “He’s speaking against the community,” said the rapper before correcting himself and saying “He’s trying to instruct the community to not be so harsh as it pertains to dealing with white supremacy.” But for him, this was a slap in the face because he thinks as a black man, Crews should have been supporting the movement all along whether it be protests or advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement. Cannon remarked that Crews just needs guidance because he is just trying to keep his job hosting America’s Got Talent.


What Is The Relationship Between Cannon And Crews Like Now?

A lot of the friction between Cannon and Crews comes from the claims that Gabrielle Union made about racism on the set of ‘AGT.’ Cannon supported Union from the start and agreed that there truly was a toxic work environment on the show created by NBC. In an interview with VLAD TV, he said “It was some eye-opening events that occurred that really just shed light on some cultural insensitivities ultimately when it comes to women when it comes to how the show is ‘produced,’ you know.” After hosting the show for seven years, Cannon left the show after the network disagreed about what content was appropriate for him to perform in his stand-up specials.

Crews on the other hand did not immediately side with Union after she went public with claims of racism and discrimination on the set. Cannon spoke on this saying “I love Terry Crews, but it gets to that place… again it’s an institutional thing, so I’m not blaming him. We get excited about the occupation, we get excited to work for the man and we going to defend the man because he gave me a job.” He continued on saying “It don’t matter what you saw because I stood firmly by him when my former agent accosted him.” When Crews accused an agent of groping him at a Hollywood party in the past, Cannon stood by him and supported him. He just hoped to see that same support for Union in this ongoing battle against NBC.

Terry Crews Still Has His Job Over On ‘AGT’

While Crews caused a bit of a stir on Twitter, NBC never announced that they would be cutting ties with him. Instead, they are still airing ‘AGT’ as planned while several celebrities and fans continue to call out Crews. One Twitter user weighed in on the relationship between the two men saying “Damn I do love Terry Crews but he’s been taking L’s. Nick Cannon left AGT because NBC was basically tryna censor the things he says regarding his community. Terry happily filled that hosting gig.”

NBC also aired and posted a statement on social media that they stand with the black community during this time.


Do you agree with Cannon in thinking that Crews is just trying to keep his job hosting America’s Got Talent?

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