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Did JoJo Siwa Break Up with Girlfriend Kylie Prew? Here’s Why Fans Think So

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If you’re like me and you get everything celebrity related on your TikTok for you page, you’ve probably heard the fan theory that JoJo Siwa and girlfriend Kylie Prew broke up. One TikTok user piled all of the evidence together and began sharing why they thought the celebrity couple broke up this past week. This TikTok has gone extremely viral with 3.7 million views… and their theory might be true.

TikTok Theorist Points out Disconnect Between JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew

On Sunday October 10, the TikTok user uploaded her video with the breakup theory. The majority of the claims had to do with JoJo’s friendship with Jenna Johnson, her dance partner on Dancing with the Stars. To the bare eye someone could think that something romantic was happening between the two. But, it’s very normal for celebrities on the show to get close to their partner. Plus (as mentioned in the TikTok) there’s no way that this could be anything romantic: Jenna is heterosexual and very happily married to co-star Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

This TikTok user thought that JoJo’s friendship progressing with Jenna was what broke the two up. They posted a TikTok where they were seen getting touchy after a failed lift. The TikToker also made sure to mention that during this time, JoJo had been interacting less with Kylie on Instagram, and that the couple hadn’t been seen together. This could simply be due to busy schedules, but fans are running with this evidence.

In a follow up video posted on October 11, the same TikTok user confirmed her theory further. She began by stating that Kylie is back in her home state of Florida, so she wouldn’t be in the DWTS audience. Kylie is from Florida, but had been living with JoJo in California so for all we know she could be visiting family.

Then the TikToker pointed out that the couple uncharacteristically did not post about their nine month anniversary. Up to this point, they posted a photo or two to celebrate the monthly mark in their relationship. These are pretty bold claims, until JoJo confirmed that there’s something going on in her world after DWTS.


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Did JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew Actually Break Up?

All of these claims were purely a theory, until JoJo shared an Instagram post confirming something was going on in her social life. JoJo and Jenna came to the DWTS stage for Disney week with enthusiasm and joy. Nothing seemed off from their performance, but JoJo further admitted after the performance that she has a lot going on.

“What goes on in my personal life everyday is something,” JoJo said. “However this week was very very extreme and something that I have never gone through.”

She went on to talk about how she learned that dance is really an escape. Unfortunately, it’s not looking good for JoJo and Kylie. Ever since the break up rumors sparked, JoJo has been publicly calling Jenna her best friend on Instagram. This typically wouldn’t be a red flag, but it seems like it might’ve been the most obvious one.

It’s very possible that the couple did break up. I hope they didn’t, but JoJo did specifically say that she’s going through something she’s never gone through. Although the star has publicly dated before Kylie, every breakup is different. Our hearts go out to her no matter what she’s going through right now.

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