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Derek Hough, Hayley Erbert Are Searching For The Perfect Wedding Venue

Hayley Erbert and Derek Hough at The Fourth Annual Critics Choice Real TV AwardsGetty Images for the Critics Choice Real TV Awards

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Derek Hough shared wedding plans with Hayley Erbert during his guest appearance on CBS’ Daytime Emmy Award-winning talk show, The Talk. The Dancing With The Stars judge shares that he’s currently busy planning the perfect wedding with his fiancé, Hayley Erbert.

Derek Hough, Hayley Erbert Are Currently Looking for a Wedding Venue

The grandest of weddings needs a perfect venue to take place at, and Hough is looking exactly for the best. A memorable place with a ballroom-sized dance floor would be perfect for the couple, as they, along with the majority of the guests invited are professional dancers.

“This year is going to be extremely busy, we’re just looking for a venue right now, so any suggestions?” Hough said. “We have a whole Pinterest and Instagram, you know, ideas, vision boards.”

From the looks of things, it seems like they are being very thorough with their wedding plans, despite the couple appearing to be on the rebound, physically and emotionally. In the wake of the tragic car accident that they experienced the previous month. Feeling humbled and grateful, the couple shared that take importance in every moment in life, as it can change anytime.

Hough and Erbert first met in 2014, became romantically involved the following year, and decided it was time to move their relationship further by getting engaged in June 2022.


Derek Hough Shares a Friendly Competition with his Sister Julianne

The pure talent in dancing runs down the family with Hough and his sister, and they admittedly like to have friendly banters about their DWTS wins. With Hough being the DWTS pro with the most wins at six, he definitely doesn’t let up on rubbing it in his sister’s face.

“Competition is good, but comparison isn’t good,” Hough said. “I think competition helps us all raise the bar a little bit. It’s healthy but comparing yourself, that’s an unhealthy place to be.”

Julianne has won the show twice in seasons four and five, and her performances are nothing to scoff at. He does however, stress that they are only friendly competitions and nothing more, and it’s normal for siblings to do that.

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