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Charlie Puth Creates Original Beat Out of Mug and Spoon on Live TV

Charlie Puth and Camila Cabello on 'The Voice'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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For most people, the essence of a mug when paired with a spoon is to hold a simmering hot coffee. Not for a musical genius like Charlie Puth. Apparently, the pop singer can produce an original beat out of these objects, and we are absolutely impressed.

Charlie Puth Makes Cup Noises into a Song Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Charlie Puth has been bringing his fans along his vulnerable and goofy musical journey since he started posting on TikTok. While guest starring on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Puth brought this energy as he made a vibe-worthy rhythm impromptu.

“My whole thing on TikTok is to prove that anything, anything in this world can be made into music,” he said. “Like, everything has a tonality to it.”

Wanting to test this viewpoint, Fallon asked Puth to produce music out of a random sound. The show was clearly ready for this moment, since they had a laptop, microphone, and MIDI keyboard setup for the singer.

“I thought your producer was joking when he said that he…” Puth said.

Although genuinely surprised, Puth didn’t hesitate and dived into the challenge. He eventually decided to make use of The Tonight Show‘s extra mug and a spoon.

Puth began by tapping the mug and mapping this sound in the laptop. From there, he changed the pitch of the note to a descending scale.

“I can add a little rhythm to it,” he said.

He then layered it with the original cup sound and put more depth by inserting a bass tone. To complete the rhythmic pattern, he injected the sound of a kick drum.

The layered cup sound almost sounded like real music, waiting for its accompanying lyrics. Guessing from his reaction, even the pop singer himself was amazed by his impromptu work. Fallon is totally awed by the fact that Puth has created a cool beat in less than three minutes. Subsequently, the audience cheered upon hearing the music on loop.

He Later Reveals that He Derived the Beat from an Original Song

After his guest appearance was aired, Puth went to TikTok to reveal the secret behind his impressive on-the-spot chord progression. Apparently, the beat he created on the show came from one of the songs in his newest album, Charlie.

“A little secret that I didn’t tell the audience at the time, that song that I made, was actually ‘Loser’,” he said.

The last seconds of his TikTok clip showed how the mug beats perfectly blended with “Loser.” Fans are blown away by this revelation, still impressed with how the singer makes music.

Finally, Puth ended the video by thanking everyone for making Charlie the most streamed album in the world this week. Charlie is now available in multiple audio streaming platforms. Meanwhile, and audio CD and vinyl format can be purchased in Amazon.

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