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Charlie Puth was Inspired by Queer Culture, Denies Gay Baiting

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Charlie Puth has officially released his newest album, Charlie. Since this album is a bit different than others, the singer has revealed his inspiration behind it. On top of the inspiration, Puth debunked fan rumors that he’s queer baiting.

Charlie Puth was Amazed by the Queer Community

Driving through West Hollywood every day, Charlie Puth has passed some gay clubs, specifically Pump and The Abbey. When he went to the club, he saw everybody dancing to songs that he had never heard.  Little did he know, that was going to be his next music influence.

“I think LGBTQ+ culture is so ahead of its time, culturally, sonically, musically, everything-ly,” he said. “When I had a less than perfect song at the studio and I was by myself and I saw everybody having a great time, I literally heard a different song in my head. I rearranged the whole thing, I drove back to the studio, I was so inspired.”

Consequently, “Loser” was created. This song was indicative of the captivating 2000s pop sensibility he found in West Hollywood. Meanwhile, the rest of Charlie was reminiscent of the 80s, due to his mom’s love of the music. His childhood was practically shaped by Madonna’s “Into the Groove.” This influence was evident in his single, “There’s A First Time For Everything.’

“I wanted to [recapture] the feeling that it gave people in 1985 when they first heard that song,” he told GQ.

Apart from these inspirations, Puth is also a huge Nicki Minaj fan. He has found inspiration in her music and her fans’ massive support for her.

He Rejects Gay Baiting Claims on TikTok

Aside from the musical content that he uploads on TikTok, the singer’s profile was also filled with dirty jokes and thirst traps. This led some fans to accuse him of gaybaiting, which Puth confidently denied.

Puth claimed that he was simply showing off his figure to compensate for his expensive gym sessions in Los Angeles, California. In addition, he said that it wasn’t his intention to “antagonize anybody” with his posts.

However, unlike his sexually explicit content on TikTok, his album Charlie was humorous and emotional. One of his songs in the collection is “Charlie Be Quiet!” which is a musical monologue mocking himself for constantly talking. On the other hand, “Tears on my Piano” is where he ridicules himself for only singing sad songs in the album.

Charlie is Puth’s special journey back to creativity. Unlike his past music which he describes to be “45 percent truth,” Charlie is real and personal. Fortunately, Charlie Puth has gotten his dorky music groove back.

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