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‘Broadway’s Masked Singer’ Crowns Very First Champion


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The Broadway’s Masked Singer finale was full of fun performances and huge theatrical reveals. Five contestants remained but one was crowned the winner at the end of the night after raising the most money for Broadway Cares.

For this episode, the judging panel consisted of a combination of Broadway performers and experts from the first two episodes of the three-part series.

The Potato was the mask with the lowest donation total for Broadway Cares after this week’s performances. But, hosts Michael Hull and Dylan Bustamante were not ready for The Potato to be eliminated just yet. The donation totals were so close they felt all of the contestants deserved another chance to perform.


Fan-Favorite Contestant Wins Very First Season Of ‘Broadway’s Masked Singer’

All remaining five contestants performed in the first round of the finale. Two were eliminated at the end of the first round. The remaining three performed a second time and the donation totals for Broadway Cares determined which contestant was declared the winner. At the end of the night, The Whale raised the most money and took home the crown.

The Whale was unmasked and revealed to be Nic Rouleau from The Book of Mormon. He raised $3,047 for Broadway Cares.

Here’s how The Whale’s performances helped some of the judges correctly guess his identity:

Clues: The Whale was determined to make everyone proud with his performances. He performed abroad and across the high seas throughout his career. For his first performance, he promised to take it down a little below the sea level.

Performance: He sang a power ballad and serenaded the microphone as the beautiful scenery of the ocean flashed across the screen.

Judges Guesses: Some of the judges immediately guessed that it was Nic while others guessed Stark Sands and James Snyder.

Second Performance: The Whale said that he felt like a winner already. This was some pretty spot-on foreshadowing. He called himself the champion before his performance of “You’ll Be Back” from Hamilton. He dressed as a king and sat in a hot tub with his costume on.

Judges Guesses: Once again, the judges threw around similar guesses of James Snyder, Adam Jacobs, Jordan Fisher, and Nic Rouleau.


The Bee Earns Second Place

The Bee earned second place on Broadway’s Masked Singer. He raised $2,549 for Broadway Cares. The Bee was unmasked and revealed to be Ain’t Too Proud star Jelani Remy.

Clues: The Bee’s plan all along was to best the competition. He told the judges to buckle up and get ready to fly.

Performance: The Bee performed “Roll to Me” by Del Amitri. This upbeat song was perfectly sung and the judges absolutely loved it.

Judges Guesses: All of the judges guessed that Jelani was under the mask after this performance.

Second Performance: The Bee said that he was breaking out of his honeycomb and heading into the spotlight. He wanted his final number to be breathtaking. He stood in front of a montage of bees pollinating flowers singing “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion. The Bee topped the performance off with a super high riff.

Judges Guesses: Some of the judges changed their guesses to Jeremy Pope and Kevin Smith Kirkwood. Later they would find out that their first guesses and suspicions were correct about Jelani as The Bee.


The Chicken Lands in the Third Place Spot

The Chicken is the third-place finisher. She was revealed to be Wicked star Jessica Vosk. The judges pretty much all got their guesses correct after seeing her second performance.

Clues: The Chicken was fired up and said that victory is going to taste as sweet as pie. She has been having an “eggcellent time” on Broadway’s Masked Singer and urged everyone to fly with her into her next number.

Performance: The Chicken performed an emotional rendition of “Call It What You Want” by Taylor Swift. She stood in front of a moving neon-lit heart illusion while belting the song.

Judges Guesses: The judges guessed that it was Jessica, Eden Espinosa, or Alison Luffe under the mask.

Second Performance: The Chicken went from baby chick to full grown finalist. She wanted to “cluck it up” with her last performance.

Performance: The Chicken sang “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry. This was yet another emotional performance even with a chicken costume on.

Judges Guesses: One again all of the judges agreed that Jessica was under the mask.


The Potato Shockingly Earns Fourth Place

The Potato was the fan favorite of the judges coming into the night. However, they were shocked when she earned fourth. She was revealed to be The Prom’s Isabelle McCalla.

Clues: The Potato’s career has flown her all over the country but being The Potato is a dream come true. She is the only vegetable in the bunch and ready to bring some bangers to the stage.

Performance: The Potato performed “1,2 Step” by Ciara. This was super fun and full of dance moves that Ciara herself would be proud of. The neon lights and background that resembled a cheese grater was more than appropriate.

Judges Guesses: The judges felt that it could be Laura Benanti, Christy Altomare, Stephanie Styles or Christine Ebersole. Isabelle’s name was also tossed around before her big reveal.


The Elephant Comes in Fifth Place

After tabulating the donations, The Elephant landed in fifth place. He was revealed to be Nick Cearley who is literally one of the judges on Broadway’s Masked Dancer. He deserves all of the praise for pulling double duty on the show.

Clues: The Elephant said he is glad to be the elephant in the room for once. He also mentioned that on Broadway’s Masked Singer he has to “bring it on.” The Elephant is ready to shake it up. At the end of his clue package, he said “all aboard.”

Performance: He sat in a boat in front of a rainbow singing Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow Connection.”

Judges Guesses: Most of the judges felt like it was Jason Gotay, Ethan Slater, or John Tartaglia. However, a couple did point out that Nick might be under the mask somehow.


After this epic three-part show, Broadway’s Masked Singer passed the $10,000 donation mark for Broadway Cares. Here’s to hoping that there is a second season in the future!

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