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‘Frozen’ Star Is Unmasked On Exciting Episode Of ‘Broadway’s Masked Singer’


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Broadway’s Masked Singer is a fun new take on Fox’s hit show The Masked Singer. In tonight’s episode, four more Broadway stars performed virtually and one was unmasked at the end of the show.

The Flamingo was the first contestant eliminated last night and was revealed to be Kate Rockwell. This Broadway powerhouse did absolutely amazing on the show.

Who Was Eliminated During Tonight’s Episode Of ‘Broadway’s Masked Singer‘?

At the start of this episode, the contestant with the second least amount of money raised for Broadway Cares after the premiere was unmasked. Adrianna Hicks was revealed to be The Dalmatian after raising the second least amount of money.

One more elimination took place tonight. After counting all of the fundraising totals for Broadway Cares after the night’s performances, The Shark raised the least amount of money. The Shark was revealed to be Frozen’s Patti Murin! This was the biggest plot twist ever and it was such a joy to watch her. Here is everything that went down before this fan-favorite was unmasked.

Each contestant performed twice tonight. The judging panel full of Broadway legends made a slew of guesses leading up to the big reveal.

Clues: The Shark has managed to keep her fin up and keeps dreaming the dream. She has a very bubbly personality. Her clue package referenced Cher.

Performance: The Shark performed “Believe” by Cher. She got totally into the song standing in front of a brown backdrop with strobe lights.

Judges Guesses: The judges guessed that it could be Stephanie J. Block, Teal Wicks, or Phylicia Rashad.

Second Performance: The Shark sang “I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)” for her second performance. She stood behind a disco ball for this ballad and belted her heart out.

Judges Guesses After Second Performance: The judges thought it could be Ellyn Marie Marsh or Patti Murin. This guess obviously turned out to be true!


1. Who Is The Bee?

Now moving on to the contestants that are still left in the competition.

Clues: The Bee said “honey, I’m home” in the clue package. He is no stranger to the Broadway stage and has done 8 shows a week with his hive. He also made a reference to the song “Good Vibrations.”

Performance: The Bee sang “Under The Sea” from The Little Mermaid. It was an under-the-sea theme and even featured some photoshopped instruments including a saxophone and a guitar.

Judges Guesses: The judges had very mixed guesses including J. Harrison Gee, Tituss Burgess, and Arbender J. Robinson.

Second Performance: The Bee sang “Bring Him Home” for his second performance. He stood in front of a photograph of France in the 1800s in an homage to Les Misérables.

Judges Guesses After Second Performance: The judge’s guesses changed to Jalani Remy, James Harkness, and Jason Gotay. Some still think it could be Arbender J. Robinson.


2. Who Is The Elephant?

Clues: The Elephant was little when he found his love for Broadway. His passion for theater has brought him all over the country.

Performance: The Elephant performed “Africa” by Toto. He stood in front of a bright orange sun backdrop. It definitely gave off Lion King vibes.

Judges Guesses: Kelvin Moon Loh, Ethan Slater, and Nathan Lane were some of the judges guesses.

Second Performance: The Elephant performed the mega hit “Driver’s License.” He hilariously stood in front of the DMV during one part of the performance and even drove in a virtual car.

Judges Guesses After The Second Performance: The judges feel like it could be Jarrod Spector under the mask or JJ Niemann.


3. Who Is The Potato?

Clues: The Potato was one small fry in a batch of supersized potatoes. She had no idea where pursuing this career would take her. The Potato was part of a historical show that has taken her all over the country. She also made a Rupaul’s Drag Race reference.

Performance: This performance had the best graphics out of all of them. The Photoshop skills were really coming through while singing “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease.

Judges Guesses: The judges think The Potato could be Jennifer Cody, Mia Gentile, or Laura Bell Bundy.

Second Performance: The Potato took on “All About That Bass” for her second performance. She certainly shook her spud off during this fun-filled number.

Judges Guesses After Second Performance: Several of the judges got Lauren Zakrin vibes from this performance. Another judge guessed it could be Rachel Potter.


The Potato, The Bee and The Elephant will now join The Whale and The Chicken on the Broadway’s Masked Singer finale. One of them will be eliminated in the first few minutes of the final episode. It airs on YouTube on April 30.

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