‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Week 3 Recap: Who Received Ant and Dec’s Golden Buzzer?

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This weeks Britian’s Got Talent auditions were full of surprises, for both the judges and contestants! Let’s see how it all went down.

Dave & Marg Dancing Duo

Margaret & Dave aka “Sonny & Marg” started off the show. Their song and dance were awkward to say the least, but the energy certainly picked up. Simon had a great description of the performance, “It wasn’t Swan Lake…but I prefer it to Swan Lake.” They got through with four yeses!

Before her audition, Ursula Burns expressed her desire to become the first harpist to win Britain’s Got Talent. She proved she had the “standing out” part down, playing and singing “Chasing Cars” while literally lying on the floor! David said she was “brilliantly original”, and all four judges sent her forward!

Ursula Burns Harpist

Next was a dangerous knife-throwing act, complete with a “do not try this at home” graphic on the screen. It seemed the highlight was when the assistant was hidden behind a piece of paper on a spinning wheel the knives were being thrown at…but then they brought up Simon as a target! They were sent through unanimously by the judges!

Gomonov Knife Danger Act

Jason sang “When You Wish Upon a Star” and peppered it with sound effects. It was weird, but the judges were into it and sent him forward.

Barbara Nice delivered a comedy routine which ended with some epic crowd surfing! She also got four “yeses”.

Another “do not try this at home” act, but this one was stand-up. It didn’t go over very well, and neither did the next act, who came to observe the “energy” of the room. (Yeah, it made for a pretty weird talent show act.)

Akshat Singh Dancer

Thirteen-year-old Akshat Singh came to BGT all the way from India to do a fun dance routine. It surprised everyone, especially Ant and Dec, who ran out to use their joint Golden Buzzer on him!

Brian Gilligan Singer

The last act of the night was a singer named Brian whose performance also served as an emotional tribute to his late brother. The judges unanimously sent him forward, ending this episode on an uplifting note.


Julia Delbel
Julia Delbel

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