Best Moments on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Week 1

Best of BGT week 1 listicleBritain's Got Talent

It’s only the first week of Britain’s Got Talent season 16 and the show has undeniably served its viewers some core moments. From impressive acts to unbelievable performances, the series’ comeback is worth watching.

We’ve listed some of the best moments that took place during the first week of BGT Auditions. If you missed the first episode, this will surely get you up to speed.

BGT Series 16 Week 1 Best Auditions

1. Amy Lou

Trying her luck with a baby bump, Amy Lou graced the series and belted out Beyoncé’s “Listen.” At the time of the audition, Amy was 30-weeks pregnant, but it didn’t seem like a barrier to the singer. Her vocals definitely gave justice to the classic single. Apparently, what made this act even more amazing is the fact that she gave birth a few hours before BGT aired her audition on television.

2. Ichikawa Koikuchi

Fans may have witnessed a variety of acts in the long history of BGT, but Ichikawa Koikuchi has proven that his talent can still be exceptional. His audition consisted of, brace yourselves, farting. Using his farts, Ichikawa managed to blow a toy trumpet and a set of birthday cake candles. He also pop a balloon using this “unique wind instrument.”

3. Thomas Vu

Among all the acts that viewers have given a watch during week one, perhaps Thomas Vu’s performance was the most controversial. Thomas’s audition consisted of solving a Rubik’s cube, under the pressure of being burnt by fire. While this act appeared shocking yet impressive for the crowd, the same has received internet backlash for being kid-unfriendly.

4. Ghetto Kids

Ghetto Kids is a group of kids from Uganda who aim to snatch Britain’s Got Talent’s prize and title through dancing. With their synchronized movements and radiating energy of stage, newest judge Bruno Tonioli pushed his Golden Buzzer, earlier than he should. Surprisingly, Tonioli hit the buzzer midact. Consequently, this inspirational kids are set to go straight to the Live Shows.

5. Toy Toy Toy

Toy Toy Toy is a pair yo-yo tricksters from Japan, a duo who flawlessly fascinated everyone with their total synchronicity. This act is however not new to the series, with one member from the pair already already grace the show’s American franchise. Nonetheless, their foolproof performance during auditions guaranteed them a spot in the next round.

6. Andrei Burton

Bike rider Andrei Burton is one of those acts that fans will definitely adore. His audition consisted of showing off his bike riding tricks such climbing and getting down from high stage platforms. While his first stunts were impressive, Andrei has made his act crazier when he made Bruno Tonioli a human obstacle course.

7. Parkour Collective

Shocking and exciting at the same time, Parkour Collective shone on stage as they performed dangerous flipping stunts. This stunt act has managed to defy gravity with their swings, thus putting both judges and the audiences in awe.

8. Viggo Venn

Viggo Venn’s act may not be the most thrilling performance that was aired during week one, but his surely was one of the funniest. His audition consisted of removing multiple high-visibility vests one at a time. Music mogul Simon Cowell’s reaction has apparently made this act more hilarious, looking so fed up and confused with the performance.

9. Nathan and Joanne

Appearing on stage as a 24-year-old ballroom dancer with Down’s Syndrome, Nathan turned to be an inspirational auditionee. Alongside dancing partner Joanne, Nathan showed off his adorable moves, dancing to Shakira’s “Try Everything.”

10. Jane McKenna

Arguably the weirdest act of the week, Jane McKenna attempted to personify inanimate objects on stage. During this hilariously unique audition, she tried to bring stapler, sharpener, rubber, and many more into life. She’s gotten all four buzzes from the judges, but her performance was absolutely one funny ice breaker.

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