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Simon Cowell Repeats Crossbow Prank on Bruno Tonioli in Leaked ‘BGT’ Footage

Bruno Tonioli and Simon Cowell on 'Britain's Got Talent'Britain's Got Talent

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Simon Cowell recently played a prank on new Britain’s Got Talent judge Bruno Tonioli in which he pretended to be shot with a crossbow. Footage of the moment has been leaked, and not everyone finds it funny.

Simon Cowell Pretends to Be Shot By Bruno Tonioli on BGT

Fans of America’s Got Talent might remember the moment in Season 15 when Cowell made fellow judge Sofia Vergara think she had shot him with an arrow. It happened during a performance by Ryan Stock and AmberLynn.

It looks like Cowell has decided to recycle this prank for Britain’s Got Talent. Footage was recently shared on TikTok showing Cowell pretending to be shot with an arrow while new judge Bruno Tonioli operates a crossbow blindfolded.

According to The Sun, the prank took place during a routine that involved shooting balloons. While Tonioli was blindfolded, Cowell had a fake arrow attached to his chest. A paramedic even rushed to Cowell after Tonioli removed his blindfold to make the prank more realistic.

The outlet posted shots in which Tonioli can be seen hurrying toward Cowell and kneeling beside him as he lies on the stage. Meanwhile, a video clip shows the moment Tonioli removed his blindfold to screams from the audience.



Crossbow Attack Victim Takes Issue with Cowell’s Prank

Not everyone is amused by Cowell’s prank on Tonioli. The Sun quotes Laura Sugden, a real crossbow attack victim, who called the stunt “absolutely disgraceful.” She added, “There will be people watching who lost loved ones through such a dangerous weapon. I can’t comprehend how anyone would find it funny.”

The Sun reports that producers for BGT are apparently “in crisis” over whether to air the prank when the show returns on ITV later this year. According to a source, Tonioli “was genuinely panicked and for a moment really thought something had gone badly wrong.”

The source added that even Tonioli thinks the prank was “too over the top and inappropriate,” especially after the 2021 death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film Rust. Actor Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter over the incident.

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